Art 1 – Steinberg – due Fri. Sept. 16


In addition to the stop action video shown in class, here is another video about Saul Steinberg.  If you need more time reading the text, just pause and restart.

Look at the following website from the Saul Steinberg Foundation.  Pay special attention to the Gallery. Notice how his works shift from 2D to 3D and how he uses his imagination to enliven everyday reality.

Saul Steinberg Foundation

WEEKLY SKETCHBOOK NOTES – On one page of your sketchbook, respond to the following with notes (and optional illustrative sketches):

1. What is the most interesting aspect of Steinberg’s life, in your opinion? How do you think this aspect contributed to the development of his work?

2. Does his work remind you of any other artists you have seen? Describe.

3. What is your favorite drawing by him and why do you like it?

WEEKLY SKETCHBOOK DRAWING:  In the link above (Saul Steinberg Foundation), click on the Gallery. Locate and study  “Untitled, 1964″ (interior view with furniture) – it’s the 2nd row over, the 4th image down. In your sketchbook, draw a Steinberg-influenced view of part of a room in your house, including people represented by different types of linework. Spend at least one hour on this drawing.



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