Art 4 – Identity, Surrealism, and Meaningful Mixed Media


You will be creating a work addressing meaningful content with imagery of your choice that explores your “authentic identity” and Surrealism (dream, imagination, poeticism). You will use mixed media and work on a ground. Make thumbnails and explore ideas thoroughly before you start. Review the 3 sites below as references for your media and methods. Makes some notes on your ideas and inspiration from these sites.





Watch both Part 1 and part 2 of the video and interview with Yinka Shonibare. Take notes on his ideas about art and the importance of each of his pieces, as he describes them.


Think about your own identity and look at the mind map linked below to start to explore your identity through a mind map.  You may want to search for other examples as well.

6/ Surrealism, other than its very particular definition as a movement in art history, has 3 characteristics that you can use to make your own Surrealist piece.

a. Change of context and strange juxtapositions (objects out of place,  unexpected, unrelated to others )

b. Change of scale

c. Change of physical characteristics (i.e. hard is melting, smooth is furry)


Look at the work of Remedios Varo as another example of these ideas. List at least 3 important ideas about her history and context. List at least 3 visual strategies that she uses in her style.  List at least 3 works that you like more than her others.




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