Art 3 – Social/Political Content in Art – Guston and Catlett


1/6  Generate ideas in lists or mind maps to explore issues that are important to you.  List things about society, culture, gender, race, the environment, education, consumerism, commercialization, industrialization, etc.
Keep in mind, this is  not an assignment to create a poster or slogan and it is not limited to particular time or a specific person. Translate your ideas into larger themes like greed/ hate/oppression/equality/justice/human rights, etc.

Then, after you come up with content ideas, brainstorm the images or symbols to represent these things. Start thinking visually and working on design and visual impact to make your image timeless so that it can be applicable to other times in history rather than just Sept. 2016.

2/6 Look and write 3 main responses to Guston’s work in the following link:

3/6 Listen to the following conversation and write a reaction and response to what he says about  painting and the creative process.

4/6  In the article below, read it carefully and list at least 4  important points of Guston’s historic context and at least 4 ideas about the evolution of his style (the visual strategies and characteristics – the look, the visual features).

5/6 Another important artist concerned with social content was Elizabeth Catlett.

Summarize at least 4 points about her history  and 4 points about her style (focus on the prints and paintings) from the 4 articles and links below:





Besides creating a work addressing meaningful content with imagery of your choice, you will use mixed media and work on a ground.  Make thumbnails and explore ideas thoroughly before you start. Review the 3 sites below as reference for your media and methods. Makes some notes on your ideas  and inspiration from these sites.





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