ART 1 – From Line to Form to Expressive Dance – due 9/2


Watch this video and see line come to life.  Notice how basic shapes turn into figures and figures turn into abstract forms that mirror the dancers’ emotions.

In your sketchbook, draw two or more simple figures with this technique. Lightly pencil your initial sketch with any of the methods practiced in class (single continuous line, spirals, or blocking in shapes). As you draw, use fluid lines and basic shapes. Then, add some shading and details to help the flat shapes become forms. Observe how the animator used lines to transform the dancers into liquid and then back again. In your drawing, you might also choose to include an element of “transformation” (into water, fire, stardust, etc.).

For your sketchbook homework this week, spend at least 45 minutes on this drawing. For your paragraph of sketchbook notes, describe what you think is being told in the animated story. What particular image or sequence in the animation do you find most visually effective? Due Fri. Sept. 2.

In the link at bottom of the page, the artist describes his process and collaboration with dancers.

The Making of Thought of You


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