Art 3 – Bones – Georgia O’Keeffe – 8/16

  1. LOOK AT THE WAY O’KEEFFE USES BONES AND PLAYS WITH FIGURE AND GROUND, FORM AND SPACE.  Consider the effect this has on the viewer, whether or not it is symbolic or purely formal, and consider the music that Fogelberg created as tribute to O’Keefe.   Listen to it with and without sound. Does the music add to or change your response to her work.
  2. Take a moment to “free write” all your responses to the work – what it makes you think, feel, consider, contemplate – artistically, symbolically, personally, culturally…..

3. Look carefully at the works from the search below of Okeeffe’s art work using bones.


4. Read and take notes in your sketchbook about her use of bones in each of the articles below:

5. Make notes on the advice from the article below.  Note at least one bullet point under each heading that you list.

6. From the examples below, and looking at the bones selections in class, make a page full of thumbnails for your observational bone drawing.  Start thinking about your extension too.

http://observational drawings of bones




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