Art 2 – Retold Fairy Tale Engravings – 4/26


Investigate and read carefully the information at both these sites, observe and learn:

Work with a partner and when you come to the part “Mistakes in the illustrations”, one partner opens up the first and the other the second link so you can look at them side by side.

Tenniel illustrator, engraver

In the link below, make notes on your five favorite illustrations and their surprising sources. (You will translate sources like this into your own illustration.)

Picture origins

Look at more information from the menu bar on the right, to learn more.

Watch the following video:

Note some of the selections in the article about the genre of retold tales.

Retold Fairy Tales – genre

In your sketchbook: write comments and respond to items you find interesting in each of the selections above.

Make thumbnails of your favorite Alice and Dore illustration and note what you like about them.

Brainstorm a list of possible stories, sources, and ideas for narrative art you will make.

As a narrative, your illustration will indicate actors (human, animal, or hybrid), a setting/location, hints about previous action and indications of future action.



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