Photo field trip preparation – Due Monday 3/14


“My work-purpose, my theme, can most clearly be stated as recognition, recording and presentation of the interdependence, the relativity of all things – the universality of basic form… In a single day’s work within a radius of a mile, I might discover and record the skeleton of a bird, a blossoming fruit tree, a cloud, a smokestack; each of these being only a part of the whole, but each – in itself – becoming a symbol of the whole, of life.” Edward Weston

1 of 7: Listen to Weston’s comments on nature and in your journal, respond to his ideas. Comment on your own experience photographing nature and note what would be different if you worked with his attitude.

Nature the Great Stimulus

2 of 7: Read the following,  take  notes, and comment on the article on “Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs” since you will be shooting photographs there also.

What is an iconic photo? What do you hope to find when you are a photographer at Pt.Lobos? How is Pt. Lobos different from other coastal sites? What will you be looking for and thinking about as you photograph there?

Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs

3 of 7: Listen to the curator’s account of Tina Modotti and Edward Weston. Write 3 things that capture the history and context of these 2 photographers.  Also, write 3 questions that you have about their photographic and personal relationship.

Tina Modotti and Weston

4 of 7: Read about Charis Wilson in the following obituary and watch the video first. Then, write 3 things that are important to know about Charis Wilson when considering Weston’s photography.  Comment on her role as muse and collaborator in the nude photographs of her.

Obituary Charis Wilson

5 of 7: Read the following summary (and article if you want.)

Consider Weston’s nudes and evaluate: a. the formal  beauty (significant form); b. the personal context; c. the nude in art history; and, d. the possible objectification of women.

Weston’s nudes

(full article here

6 of 7: Look at the following video as a preview for our visit to  Pt. Lobos and the historic Weston house. Comment on three aspects you find interesting and what you are most interested in experiencing when you are there in person.

If you have time, read more to satisfy your interest in Pt. Lobos history and the Weston story:

Point Lobos history

Wiki on Weston



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