Art 1 – Color and Music – Due Thurs. Feb. 11


This program (written by Ali Nikrang for Mozarteum Kultur GmbH) visualizes a piano performance in realtime using the “Color Theory” by Scriabin.
You can see here a few examples. (In this case the program uses a standard midi-file and an ePiano to play it.)

Notes and Colors:
C :  Red
C# D Flat : Violet
D :  Yellow
D# E Flat :  Steel colors with metal shine
E : Whitish-blue
F : Red, dark F# G Flat : Blue, bright
G :  Orange-pink
G# A Flat : Purplish-violet
A :  Green
A# B Flat : Steel colors with metal shine
B : Similar to E

1. In your sketchbook notes, comment first on the computer program above that correlates notes to colors and Scriabin’s piano piece.  Then, in the link below, consider whether or not you have any synesthetic tendencies. Give some examples of correlations, try the test with your friends, and draw some conclusions.


Vassily Kandinsky Composition VII 1913

2. For your 60 minutes of sketching this week, listen to music and draw according to your own preferences (in subject and media). Note on the side or back of page the type and musicians you were listening to while drawing.


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