Photo 1 – Ansel Adams and Imogene Cunningham – 2/10


In your journal, write a response to each of the links below.


2. Ansel Adams on visualization


3. Read up until the View Camera section, then the rest if you wish: Ansel Adams close-ups

4. You may want to view this and make careful notes at home since it is packed with photographic information, insights, and advice.

5. Read from the link below – Introduction to the Zone System through to Simplified Zone System. We will review it in class for greater clarity.

Ansel Adams zone system simplification

6. Note the historical context and aesthetic basics of Pictorialism.


7. Note Cunningham’s, historic context, character, and the transformation of her style.

Imogene Cunningham Breaking Gender Barriers

8. Imogene Cunningham images


Here is an additional excellent, longer, and optional film on Ansel Adams if you are interested:


Here is a relevant article on getting the skin tones right – the zone system is not mentioned but

the concepts are especially pertinent here.


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