Art 1 – Beethoven & the Beatles – due Thurs. Feb. 4


Next week in class, you will begin a Chagall-inspired color pencil/chalk pastel piece to submit for display at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. The Santa Cruz Symphony will be performing a family concert, “Beethoven & The Beatles” 2pm Sunday March 6.  Family Concert: Beethoven & the Beatles

Read the article and view the gallery:

Listen to the 1-minute audio:

I and the Village audio

NOTES: Study the painting “I and the Village” (1911). In your page of notes, specifically describe how Chagall arranged line, color, and space to evoke a lyrical, dream-like scene. What artistic devices (composition, perspective, juxtaposition) do you observe in Chagall’s many paintings that demonstrate poetic imagination?

SKETCHES: In preparation for the next studio project, spend one hour developing a series of sketchbook drawings with ideas generated by Chagall’s imagery.

Your sketches should feature characters, musical instruments, and settings inspired by Beatles Guide to the Orchestra (The Yellow Submarine) or Aquarium (Carnival of the Animals).

Aquarium, Carnival of the Animals

Paul Klee, Fish Magic (1925)



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