Art 1 – Google Art Project – due Nov. 12


Diego Rivera  The Alarm Clock, 1914

Go to the following website:

Google Art Project

Click on the upper left “COLLECTIONS.” Choose any museum to visit.

Take your time and look at many works in the museum or collection, as if you are actually touring the site in person.

For your SKETCHBOOK BLOG RESPONSE NOTES, comment on any 3 different works in the collection that make an impression on you. Explain why each made an impact: consider both the visual aspects and the ideas communicated by the art.

To complement our in-class studio work, do a search for “STILL LIFE.” For your ONE-HOUR SKETCHBOOK DRAWING, create an image in response to still life found on Google Art Project. Choose any style that appeals to you. (To get you started, here are some artists who approach still life in vastly different, interesting ways: Rachel Ruysch, Paul Cezanne, Juan Gris, Diego Rivera, and Hyun Mi Yoo.)


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