Art 2 – Colored pencil – vanitas – 11/3


1. From the following 2 links, we will read about the history and ideas of still life and vanitas.

Make notes of the characteristics of each period. Also take notes about things you find most interesting about still life and vanitas.

overview of still life

still life vanitas

2. Watch fully the following 2 videos, and make notes on the 3 most important ideas that will help you in developing your colored pencil technique.

prismacolor tips

colored pencil – tutorial – 3 techniques

3. Look at all of the colored pencil works at this page, linked below, and on the website of Jo Bradney.  Read her explanation below the works as well.

Note work you especially like and think about the reasons why.

colored pencil Vanitas

Jo Bradney – Colored Pencil still life works)

4. In class, you will choose 3 objects to draw in great detail with colored pencil, rendering the form and color as fully as possible.  Choose 3 objects and a composition that expresses an idea.  In this post, you have seen historic and contemporary works as models for the ways in which still lifes can express ideas. Be inventive and intentional in your choice of objects and the manner of presentation.  Do not choose random objects and project insincere “narratives” onto them. Comment and share some of the ideas you have right now. Bring in all materials asap.


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