Art 3 – wildlife illustration – 10/20


Read about the importance of predators and take notes on the various eco chains mentioned:

Predators in crisis

Make notes on the interconnectedness of nature in the Yellowstone ecosystem:

Look at the following website and be sure to look at: Gallery Artists, On the Easel (Work in Progress), and Blog: Art Stories (Niki Firmin, in particular, and the stages of her painting “Raising a Little Dust”) Pay careful attention to the importance of composition as well as detail.

Look at the website  of Alison Nicholls and her stylized artwork. Then go to her blog and read the article about the success of conservation linked to

Make notes about wildlife conservation issues important to you and  do some research,  gather some images, draw some thumbnail composition ideas, in preparation for your small painting.

Laurie Marker is a conservationist who recently came to Santa Cruz for her nonprofit, Cheetah Conservation Fund.









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