Art 3 – Mayhew, Corot, and Trees – 9/17


View the video and take notes about the artist, his history, and artistic goals.

A century earlier, Jean Corot, became known and admired for his paintings, of trees in the French countryside.  Many of them, in turn, inspired the impressionists.

Corot bio

View each of the links of Corot paintings, read the captions, and notice the specificity and, at the same time, the painterly qualities of the trees.

Corot – Oaks  at Bas-Breau, Fontainbleu

Corot – The Ferryman

Corot – Honfleur: Calvary

Corot – Villa d’Avray

Look at the images of trees on the first 3 pages of the search and copy 3 that you especially like in your sketchbook.

tree studies


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