Art 1 – Edward Gorey – due Thurs. Sept. 3


1. Listen to the curator of “Elegant Enigmas” talk about Edward Gorey.

2. Gorey’s work was used in an introduction to Mystery, a PBS series. Observe his visual story-telling techniques and line work.

3. On one page in your sketchbook, comment on two interesting things about Gorey and how you think those things influenced his art.

4. Also comment on your favorite visual frame (drawing and composition) in the Mystery animation and explain why you find it most fascinating.    Optional: Include drawings with your comments to help illustrate your ideas.

5. On the next sketchbook page, do a one-hour drawing inspired by Gorey.  Have fun with it! Observe Gorey’s line work for your own ideas (such as crosshatching, parallel hatching, stippling, and use of pattern). Keep track of the time intervals on the back.

(2nd, 3rd, 4th period due in class 9/3. 5th period due 9/4.)


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