Art 1 – underwater environmental artist – due May 7


Go to the following website: JasondeCairesTaylor

Navigating through the website, look thoroughly at the home page, the gallery, film, bio, and environment.

For your sketchbook notes, reflect upon what you find most interesting about Taylor’s work, any thoughts or ideas it inspires, and any questions that you would ask if you met him…

Our next painting theme centers on appreciation of the ocean and sea life. For your hour sketchbook drawing (in preparation for your next painting), sketch ideas relating to Taylor’s work and/or the following:

Extra credit option: For one sketch or blog notes credit, visit the 60th Annual High School Art Show before May 24th. Reception is Saturday the 9th, 3-5pm. Draw 3 thumbnail sketches of your favorite pieces that you would choose for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place. Art League directions and hours: Santa Cruz Art League


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