Art 2 – Abstraction – Referential or Non-referential – 4/23 (4/27)


1. In the following video, look at the magazine collages (that are both simple, textural, spatial, and non-objective). Notiice how students translate them into paintings.  Listen to their discussion of the process and listen to the instructor’s discussion of the way to think about abstraction, referencing it as a “story” with “characters” that are sometimes only a squeek, squeel, or a grunt. Notice the wide variety of marks and approaches to abstraction from specific shapes, patterns, lines and groupings of lines, atmospheric space, gradations and blended transitions of color. After the video, click on the link for examples of highschool student’s paintings from magazine collages. Then take notes in your sketchbook on: what interests you the most about this project, whether or not you want to organize the collage randomly, around a theme, idea, or emotion, whether you want any identifiable imagery even though it is primarily an abstraction, and the goals and intentions you will embrace as you start this project.

2.  highschool artists’ paint magazine collages

Read the following interview and article on Nozkowski, an prominant abstractionist, and take notes on key points in your sketchbook.  Notice in the video interview, the ideas he presents about his process, the “struggle” and how he has made a life as an artist.





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