Art 2 – Jennifer Bartlett and the Divided Picture Plane – 3/23


Look at the link below to Jennifer Bartlett’s work at the Richard Gray Gallery.  Read her biography and look at the works Amagansett Diptych (#2)  and other works, #s 1-6, listed at the left at the site.  Also at this site, scroll down and look at the paintings in the exhibition, New Works #s 1-7.  Make note in your sketchbook which work at this site (that uses the divided picture plane or grid) is your favorite and explain why.

Jennifer Bartlett – Richard Gray Gallery

Read about her series of 200 drawings (In the Garden) and make sure you google images: In the Garden Jennifer Bartlett.

Think about and jot down a few notes about why it is considered a “tour de force” .

In the Garden by Jennifer Bartlett

The following two articles give insights about the artist, her work habits,  her aesthetics, and her context in late 20th century and contemporary art history.

After reading these 2 articles, List in your sketchbook 2 important art historical concepts and 2 important concepts for the practicing artist (aesthetic tendencies or studio art practices.)

Jennifer Bartlett Retrospective

Jennifer Bartlett – a visit

In your next studio project, In The Garden On the Rooftop, embrace the attitude in the description about Bartlett.

“Remaining true to her vision of painting as a never­ending associative construction that always leaves open connections to other ideas, Bartlett continues to experiment, always willing to subvert and unsettle the seeming happiness and simplicity of her imagery and words.”




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