Art 4 – Lebbeus Woods – 3/10


Review the work of Lebbeus Woods that we visited 2 years ago at SFMOMA.

Make notes on oe draw parts of work that you particularly like.

Lebbeus Woods Dares to Ask “What If?”

Lebbeus Woods at SFMOMA

Lebbeus Woods review: Artistry Over Architecture

In addition, look at the following site to see his blog and read some of his thoughtful comments about architecture and drawing by Michelangelo. Look at the beautiful drawings.

Lebbeus Wood’s blog on Michelangelo’s war

Now look at Sandow Birk’s site, in particular the Depravities of War.  Wander around the site and look at his other series as well

Sandow Birk’s “Depravities of War”

Thinking about Woods apocalyptic visions, Birk’s war depravities, ideas of dystopia and utopia, consider and make notes about how you will use perspective to create your dystopia, utopia, apocalyptic, and/or social commentary.


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