Art 4 – Portraits – 2/9


In your sketchbook, make notes and observations about the following article and exploration of portraiture:

Observational portrait – sight size method

Look at the hyper realist portraits by Kehinde Wiley:  world-us-canada-19454025

In your sketchbook comments, consider:

Why does Wiley re-contextualize the people in his portraits? How and why does Wiley incorporate art history into his art?

Explain the difference between a portrait that just captures a person’s likeness and one which makes a point about class, ethnicity, contemporary culture, or social interaction (like Wiley’s).

Now listen to the following podcast of  Don Bachardy with accompanying the article.  Then, below it, take a virtual tour of his work.

Don Bachardy portraits of LA artists

In your sketchbook, note what type of portraits you prefer, between Wiley and Bachardy,  painting and drawing?

Are there any other artists that might influence you in making your portrait or a background that you might add?


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