Art 1 – Chagall, Music, and Love – due Thurs. Feb. 12


Next week in class, you will begin a Chagall-inspired color pencil/chalk pastel piece to submit for display at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium. The Santa Cruz Symphony will be performing a family concert, “Peter and the Wolf” on Sunday, March 1.

Read the article and view the gallery:

Read the excerpt and listen to the 2-minute audio:

Study the painting “I and the Village” (1911). In your page of notes, specifically describe how Chagall arranged line, color, and space to evoke a lyrical, dream-like scene. What artistic devices (composition, perspective, juxtaposition) do you observe in Chagall’s many works that demonstrate poetic imagination?

In preparation for the next studio project, spend 1 hour developing a series of sketchbook drawings inspired by Chagall’s imagery. Your sketches should feature characters, musical instruments, and settings from the story “Peter and the Wolf.”


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