Art 2,3,4 – Peter and The Wolf – children’s illustration


1. In thinking about children’s  illustration – it is important to first know the story line.

As you read the handout, make note of what comes to you visually and what part you would like to depict.

2. Make notes and draw the characters along with illustrator Will Terry as he explains how to visually develop and visualize characters.

Will Terry – Character Design

3. Google this: “peter and the wolf children’s illustrations”  and make note of what styles are most interesting to you.

4. Then,  look at the following 2 sites (and any others)

more children’s illustrations 

zeszut style art

4. In class and later at home watch one of the following 3 videos of the symphonic story and come up with a plan for the media and style of your children’s ilustration.  (For this unit, we will be working larger than usual so there will be only one project for this 2 week period.)

As one of the 3 choices, google the Disney Peter and the Wolf video (it cannot be linked here)

5. Later, in class this week, we will demythologize the wolf and see how important it is to our ecosystem.

6. wolves: four perceptions


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