Art 1 – Surreal Perspective – due Thurs. Jan. 22


“Flying Houses” Laurent Chehere Photography

With your next one-hour sketchbook drawing in mind (to create your own surreal, dreamlike world through perspective), look at the 5 following links.  For your sketchbook notes, find one image of interest at each of the five sites. Comment on your observations about: a) the technical aspects of making a surreal scene (interior, building, etc.) and, b) the emotional effect. (Note, the modern architecture at the last site is not surreal but some of the buildings are so unusual, they inspire the imagination. Comment on the technical feats and the resultant emotional effect.)

Surreal Interiors

Surreal Architecture

Flying Houses

Victor Enrich architectural images

Modern Architecture

Plan your surreal perspective drawing with a variety sketches, ideas, and thumbnails.

Your completed drawing needs to show a building (exterior or interior) in perspective with a surrealist component to create an emotional, imaginative, ridiculous, or fantastical effect.

Some standards for a surrealist effect: change of scale, context, and altering of physical characteristics.

MoMa Surreal Landscapes


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