Art 2,3,4 – Chiura Obata, Tetsuya Ishida, Howard Ikemoto 1/12/15


1.  Take notes and jot down ideas you have in response to what you read/see/hear on each of the sites.

Whatever you don’t finish will be homework. Take note of time at home and any remaining time can be drawing in relation to these ideas.

For the following Chiura Obata site, note the arrows below the folding screen, after you press enter.

Go to the center arrow first: “Early Lessons”.  Then, proceed to the right: “Teachings from the Sierra Nevada”.  Then, “Biography” (“Links” and “Credits” are optional). Then at the far left, go to “Gallery”. Look at each image, enlarge, scroll, and read the info about each.  Finally, go to the “Painting with Sumi”.  This particular video may not play.

Chiura Obata

2. If you did not go on field trip and learn sumi painting at the Asian Art Museum, watch this video. Later, on your own, search for others:

3. Look at the following site, read the captions.  Note how completely different Obata is in philosophy and message than Ishida.

4. In the following video, the biography, images, and the urban angst of Ishida contrast dramatically with Obata’s portrayal of Nature.

5. Howard Ikemoto is a local artist who found his calling to make art while spending time in an internment camp. Read his biography and look at all of the work.  Note the aspects which follow Japanese tradition and those which follow other 20th C painting styles (like Abstract Expressionism).

Howard Ikemoto

It there is time, or if you want to spend some of your sketchbook time for Tuesday, research the Japanese internment camps: Tanforan in Topaz, Utah  (Obata) and Tule Lake, California (Ikemoto). Look up Obata’s wife, Haruko Obata or the landscape architect, MakotoHagiwara,  who was sent with his family from their home in the SanFrancisco Japanese Tea Garden overnight. Or, research other related information to share.

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