Art 3 – Antonio Lopez Garcia – Still life – 11/11


Look at and take notes on the following sites and pay attention especially to Isabel Quintanilla and Antonio Lopez Garcia.

Madrid Realist artists

Take notes about Garcia’s attitudes towards his subject and his work process.

Look at the drawings and take notes on his methods and style.  What makes them special even though they are ordinary objects? How does he make the ordinary extrordinary?

Antonio Lopez Garcia black and white drawings

“Most of my work comes about because something bursts into my life that moves me,” says Antonio López García.

Find an everyday item that you can draw with intensity and the kind of loving attention that Garcia bring to his subject.

Think about bringing in a half eaten plate of food, a glass, and white linen napkin….crumpled paper, toothbrush, toothpaste….what is worthy of your attention? What will catch the light in an amazing way? Bring in your subject by tomorrow.





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