Art 4 – Baskin and Stolpe – 10/14


Read and take notes on Leonard Baskin

Leonard Baskin bio

Look at and take note on his stylization of the raptors and other animals in his work on this site.

Baskin Raptors

Notice Baskin’s character and attitude towards his art in the remembrance of the author in this account. Do a search for some of the illustrations in his children’s books.

Leonard Baskin – A Remembrance

Take notes on the artist Daniel Stolpe who also uses stylized animals, primarily the coyote, in his art.

In your sketchbook, take notes on his bio.

Daniel Stolpe bio

Look at the use of animals and their significance in his art. Make notes about those of special interest to you.

Daniel Stolpe website

Choose an animal to depict in your next piece with mythical and symbolic significance. Reasearch the animal, start drawing, stylizing, and make compositional thumbnails.


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