Art 2 – Scratchboard – Flowers, drawing the light – 9/29


Take notes in your sketchbook on all of the following.

View the Russ McMullins scratchboard tutorial.


and the video tutorial by Lars Erik Robinson

scratchboard demo

View the compositions and techniques in the link below:

scratchboard flowers

Read about the ideas regarding each of these flower paintings.  Look at the comments, the symbolism, and the composition in each:

10 flower paintings to know

Research online ideas about the symbolism of flowers and the particular meaning you want to signify by the flowers you choose. You may bring in a real flower to work from, a photo you have taken of a flower, or use a photo from the internet of a flower, as long as you combine it with foliage from another photo and change the composition.

You will be using cross contours as you scratch away the light. Note the method of looking at light rather than dark as you draw.  How is it different from the way you usually see and usually draw?  What will your aesthetic goals be with this scratchboard drawing?


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