Photo 1 – Photograms 9/18


Read the following article

Man Ray to Thomas Ruff

In  your  journal, 1  page, handwritten or typed, due next Thur, 9/25

1. comment on how Photograms changed Man Ray’s career.  How did his work compare to Fox Talbot’s or Christian Shad’s work?

2. Explain how his work caught on and the role that composition and choice of materials played.

3. Does Ray’s abuse of women or his evasiveness about his Jewish background cause you to look at his work any differently?

4. How has Ruff has updated photograms with digital technology.

5.  Read the summary about Moholy Nagy:


6. From these sites (and others on a google search), print the photogram you find most aesthetically pleasing.

7. Comment and explain why you like that photogram and how you think it was made.



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