Art 1 – 1000 Journals – due 5/27


Spend at least 10 minutes looking at the examples of the mixed media journals in the link below. These were collaboratively and randomly made by tens of thousands. Be sure to touch on the different categories. Comment on what you found, what interested you, what you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers, and inspiration you get from this mixed media art.

For sketchbook, draw three small preliminary sketches for  your linoleum carving. As with the examples shown in class, the theme for your print is “free time and idleness.”  You will use your favorite one of the three sketches as the plan for your linoleum carving. Some of the journals you liked may provide you with ideas for new imagery.

1000 Journals Project


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  1. I found the journals to be my favorite because they were so expressive as to who the artists were as people and they acted like a window into that very present moment their state of mind their tone towards the present situation was all very intriguing. I enjoyed for many of the pieces the layering in the journal entries the different colors bases some included pictures. I think that something that makes art really interesting is how the artist can translate his emotions or beliefs into something tangible and I think the journals do just that. Something else that I liked was this feeling of anonymity the viewer and artist would never know eachother but the art is so personal.

  2. I’ve found some really cool things in these journals, I think it is the coolest thing to see all these people posting their thoughts and what they think about the world, as well as advice and some artwork in the mix as well. I really liked the art/stories done by what is obviously more of the younger crowd, commenting in a wise way that isn’t expected from somebody of their age. The anonymous compendium of all these thoughts is inspiring – random strangers getting together and sharing thoughts is really cool.

  3. I like the found peoples’ emotions in an exact moment in time in those journals. There were happy things and sad things, but they all expressed an emotion or feeling at a certain time. I also think the journals were effective in capturing these times in people because they were sent out randomly and anonymously. It was interesting to see all of these different emotions in people and how different people draw or make their own art. I found the photography to be intriguing and it inspired me to try mixing photography with painting and drawing. I found it to be more intriguing because it made it easier form me to connect a feeling to that specific person. I also like how there are some people who put a lot of effort into their art on their and then some people who nonchalantly drew or wrote whatever the felt like. Either way it creates a lot of diversity and authenticity to the journals.

    • It is interesting to see the range ideas and emotions expressed in the journal entries. Each page seems to read as a snapshot that captures the time, sense of place, and state of mind of the contributor.

  4. I thought that the journals were really interesting and a great idea to get a bunch of people who’ve never met to collaborate to make art. I liked how there was such diversity in the content and style, and one of my favourite things I found was a picture of someone’s dog who they’d named Buffy “after the slayer.” I think that the collaboration and combination of different styles and emotions makes them very beautiful. It amazes me the level of detail that some people put into these journals, even though they knew they would make no money from it or likely see it again.

    • Yes, it is fascinating that many contributors to the project may have spent hours on their piece, while doing so anonymously. Other forms of public art that come to mind (murals, street art, guerrilla gardening, urban fiber sculpture/yarn coverings, sand drawing…) often begin with unknown artists sharing their visions with an uncertain outcome.

  5. These journals were fascinating. I felt connected to these strangers, seeing their sketches and doodles, which are a completely exposed image of their imagination and mind. The collages and more artsy journal entries showed the artist’s conveyance of their ideas on life and morals and reality. The advice category was a purposeful communication from artist to observer. The journals I actually find to be the most compelling collection of art I have seen this year because there is just so much collaboration between humans in this one thing. It is the soul of the earth, a pooling of ideas and memories and stories and observations into a single eternally growing piece of art that anybody can see. I find that beautiful.

    • The collaborative pooling of thoughts, images, and stories is an intriguing aspect of the journals. “Someguy,” the artist who launched the project, had a novel premise – everyone can contribute their piece, without attachment to the end result.

  6. This is such a great project! It’s so interesting being able to see what people draw and say and what they think is most important at that moment. I love the page titled The Difference some quotes are: “How much difference would a moment make? If you had those 8 mins over what could happen?…Its the time it takes to write a poem or call a friend…It’s short enough to be uneventful and long enough to change a life.” This is so great. It makes you ponder your choices of what to fill eight minutes with. But the great thing about these journals is that in addition to containing deep, soul-searching words there are throw away thoughts that let the reader into someone else’s brain for a moment that the person might later not be all that proud of. There are little doodles and half-formed ideas left to be finished by someone else. Another page I liked was one with a photograph of a snowy day that was covered in ballpoint-pen sketches of all the birds the person had seen there that day. I, being a bird-lover, enjoy viewing this page for the birds but also because it shows other people’s interest in birds. You can look through the pages of these journals and see bits and pieces of yourself in other people you’ve never met. You can find someone with similar hand writing to yours and with the same interests and the next page you can meet someone who is completely different.

  7. I really liked the journal entry that was talking about how a woman had finally begun to achieve her childhood dream of being an artist. It felt real. I also liked this simple design of a fourtune cookie fortune tucked under a leaf. I think the journals are a really good idea and I enjoyed looking at them.

  8. I love how all the journals featured here have some sort of inspirational message. It seems like a good way for people to spread joy and get along better. It is also a nice way to experience the culture of other people. I liked when the Japanese woman wrote a message and someone translated it for her. That was very nice. Also, the art that these people made is surprisingly good, because they all collaborated. It gave them a chance to view a piece of art from different perspectives in order to make it even better, because everyone has a new idea.

  9. i love how creative all the journals are! Its crazy how skilled all the images are. I also love everything written in the journals. the whole idea of using journals to create this collaborative art piece is so interesting. It made such a great platform for which people could create on. the book is like speed dating in the sense that you get a snap shot into the lives of all these different people. All the entries seemed so genuine and heart felt.

  10. I found that in the journals even though there were a lot of similar styles for decorating the page they all conveyed something a little bit different. I thought that it was interesting and neat that people left thoughtful personal messages in a journal that a ton of people are going to see. When looking at the messages in the journals it felt as though you kid get a snapshot into that person’s life. The mixed media inspired me because it shows how many different ways there are to convey emotions.

  11. I find it amazing people are able to pour there heart out in a way that other people will see (especially if it’s a diary, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets warned us all about that, am I right folks?) I think that so many people trusting the rest of the world, and so many people helping each other is amazing. I mean, even putting the journals out there in the first place shows trust, because you have to trust they won’t be destroyed. I wonder if some of the journals have ever been saved from the weather by strangers who didn’t even know what they were doing at the time. I love seeing how different people from around the world all lend their culture to fill the pages. These are beautiful not only because of what they contain, but also because of what they contain means.

  12. I think the journals are very beautiful and its an admirable trait that a person can pour their entire being onto a blank page. Like kikirules said, the fact they are sharing their innerness to the world, is really an amazing thing to do. Overall it is very amazing and interesting and something that could potentially help a lot of people, even if at first, they don’t realize it.

  13. I think it is interesting that how people write in the journal and still pass it on and how every next person is gaining even more insight into other people. It reminds me of Eric Whitacre’s virtual choirs because of all the people who don’t know each other almost coming together over something small and using art to communicate with each other. I really liked the pictures that integrated their writing into the image. I didn’t feel a connection to the journals, but I think it would be a lot different if I was actually holding one, rather than looking at images over the internet.

  14. I really liked the diversity of expression throughout the journals, it really shows how varied people are. I was also notices some trends or themes among peoples entries. Many people were talking about living in the present, problems, enjoying and living life, and being compassionate. Hearing the concord among people about these things made me feel good and reinforced my sense of community with humanity as a whole in many ways.There are also a lot of cool doodles that while sometimes hard to decipher gave insights into what people were thinking about and what their mood was at the time. i found inspiration in a lot of pieces but I really liked one in particular which was a sketch that drastically changed in style so one part was realistic

  15. Each one of these journals has a certain unique quality to them. I really enjoyed the personal diaries, especially the one with the music CD’s. The time and effort put in to some of these journals is beautiful and then ones that don’t seem to be serious and just doodles, are still so great to look over. Each one could have a personal meaning to not just the author but also to the person looking at the journals.

  16. I thought the journals were really diverse and interesting. Each entry seemed to capture a unique individual mindset which I liked a lot. I really liked the one that was a picture of a person aiming a gun directly at the viewer and it said “guns” and on the next page it had a provocative sketch of a girl in a chair and it said “and girls.” I went through the advice section and found that a lot of it was cliche and somewhat pretentious but I really liked the advice page that just said “drugs” and layered colors and different sketches of drugs. I felt inspired to start actually keeping a journal but instead of just writing, incorporate sketches and mixed media with words.

  17. I like that a group of random strangers put down personal thoughts, experiences and stories into a public journal for all to see in such large numbers. It’s surprising that so many people would take the time and effort to draw/write in a public journal. I really like how a combination of random creativity and spontaneity, can become such an appealing art exhibit/piece. Its also kind of weird seeing so deeply into people’s personal lives through a journal, and you wonder if they thought that you would be looking at it, or if they hadn’t really understood what they were doing by drawing/writing in the journal. They expose themselves to the world casually and it struck me as weird.

  18. What I found interesting was everyone had so many different writing styles and ideas. Some did simple drawings while others went full of want used the whole entire (literally ever corner of the ) page(s).
    What interested me was the different arts. For example, some of the pages were filled with ink and color pens while others were paints and collages. There are so many medians that were used to create a sense of difference by at the same time unity.
    What I felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers was no real, distinct feeling just that the process of the 1,000 journals was intriguing.
    My one of my favorites was 900_14
    Though I have to say that some of them I did not really like and others I just found to be too simple (one was only red paint spread across two pages).

  19. I think it’s amazing that someone created this outlet for people all over the world. We are constantly told that everyone has problems, you are not alone, but now we can truly see that. Looking through what people wrote and some of the collages or artwork they did was very inspiring and touching.
    It’s wonderful that people felt comfortable enough to write such personal things.
    I hope one of these journals will circulate around Kirby!

  20. I feel that journals can be a more personal outlet than most other methods of communication. With the perks of being anonymous, a person is more likely to be honest. Usually the art and writing within a journal reflects what the artist was thinking at that exact moment. Most other art, speech, or writing involves a lot of thought that is put into what is going to be conveyed, partially because we worry about what the recipient will think or how they might view it. In a journal, we aren’t really trying to present anything to other people, but mostly for ourselves. We add quotes, drawings, and personal chronicles to journals such as these that reflect who we are and what we feel and believe in. They reflect us deeply.

  21. What I really like about the journal project is how honest it is. If you think about it, a journal is basically the most honest place of all–when you’re writing in it, you’re in the moment, flush with the emotion you’re having and you don’t think anyone else is going to read it (until you put in on the 1000 journals project…). I also love the idea of so many strangers coming together in one place. Even though they are not physically there, their ideas are. It’s really comforting to read some of the advice pages or the love ones because it reminds me that I’m not alone–it speaks on some level to the humanity we all share. Last week, I was reading Atonement, and in it the main character has a moment where she holds her hand out from her body and consciously thinks about moving one of her fingers and then watches as the finger moves and tries to understand why there is no delay between thought and movement. Reading the journals was a lot like reading that scene, for me. I’ve definitely done that exact same thing with my finger and to know someone else has to, that someone else has wondered how exactly we all work and been scared by it, is reassuring.

  22. I think this thousand journal project is very interesting, because it passed by many people, everyone may use their own ideas to express their feelings. I like the CD one as most. The time and effort people put into this project makes it invaluable. It uses people’s creativity too, it’s was hard to put that much ideas together, but they did it. Each of those ideas have their own meaning.

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