Photo field trip preparation – Due Monday 5/19


“My work-purpose, my theme, can most clearly be stated as recognition, recording and presentation of the interdependence, the relativity of all things – the universality of basic form… In a single day’s work within a radius of a mile, I might discover and record the skeleton of a bird, a blossoming fruit tree, a cloud, a smokestack; each of these being only a part of the whole, but each – in itself – becoming a symbol of the whole, of life.” Edward Weston

1. Listen to Weston’s account of photographing peppers and respond to his ideas and your own experience photographing.

In Weston’s words

2. Watch the video and post comments in response to each of the items in the menu bar on the right.

SFMOMA – Edward Weston

3. Listen to the curators account of Tina Modotti and Edward Weston and comment on this.

Tina Modotti and Weston

4. Read the following two articles and comment on the formal /personal /objectification aspects of Weston’s nudes.

The Musing Gaze

Gerry Badger on Weston’s nudes

5. Read about Charis Wilson in the obituary and watch the video. Comment on her role as muse, collaborator in the nude photographs of her.

Obituary Charis Wilson



6.  Look at the following video as a preview for our visit to the show, Pt. Lobos and the historic Weston house. Comment on three aspects you find interesting and what you are most interested in experiencing in person.





7. Familiarize yourself with the following, and comment on the article on “Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs” since you will be shooting photographs there also.

What do you hope to find as a photographer? What will you be looking for and thinking about as you photograph there?

Point Lobos and iconic Weston photographs

Point Lobos history

Wiki on Weston


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  1. 1) I think the way in which Weston talks of his peppers as simply being, is very interesting and an idea I really like. I like that something can be real, but also very abstract
    4) I really like the idea that Weston’s nudes are a symbol of natural beauty and form, there is no emotion and I like that. Though I do not like that he said he viewed each nude as a sexual conquest. That is bogus
    5) I think she played a pivitol role in nude photography; if you look beyond the picture, she was very vulnerable in doing what she did and that is commendable. It is also interesting how it seemed to be more acceptable that something like that was actually considered art and not some smut like some nudes can be considered now days
    6) A) the scenery B) the place has so much interesting history and being in a place with so much history is always very interesting C) I am also very interested in taking some picturs of form, just nature and things that can be made abstract
    7) I hope to find some interesting form examples, the basic elements of art and whatnot. I will be looking for things I can make look abstract and cool.

  2. I think we were only supposed to answer 6 and 7 because we discussed the other things in class. Anyway I hope thats the case. On to the answers.
    6) A) I agree with Monotsiok in that I want to see the scenery and all the places these important photographs were taken. B) I want to see the dark room and negatives and all that stuff that all those great photographers used… maybe I’ll get inspiration or something. C) I want to see if I can take pictures in the same place as all these other famous photographers and make my photos look compleatly different. If I can do that and still maintain my style, I think that would be cool.
    7) When photographing I hope to find something very similar to the famous things photographed like the fields trees and shells, and then I’m going to make them unrecognizable. It’s going to be so artsy you don’t even know.

  3. 6. I’m most interested in seeing the darkroom and the way that the world in which the photographs were taken appears today. It would show the way that the world alters over time, and whether Point Lobos is a completely “different” place today. I also hope to take photos that represent the fascinating way in which Weston did in that he photographed things for form and composition, not subject.

    7. I’m going to look for things no one else photographs, such as trash on the ground and things people have discarded. I also want to take photos of twisting trees and focus on composition. In doing so, I will create several photos that show the interplay of human pollution and destruction next to nature, and the fact that we are gradually removing nature and destroying the natural world over time is an important message that needs to be sent.

  4. 1-5. (In class)

    6. I’m excited to see first of all the dark room and where all these great photographs were developed! I am also excited to see the beautiful scenery where these photos were shot. Lastly I am excited to try and shoot some my own photos with a similar quality. I really really love Weston’s use of dark and light and composition.

    7. I think I’m going to be looking at the overall landscape when shooting. I want to take both close up photographs and distant ones. I really want to incorporate a similar contrast to Kim Weston — because I love it. He’s the best. Those nudes were beautiful. Okay, rant over.

  5. 6. I am most excited about getting to shoot at Point Lobos. I’ve never been there before but seeing all of the Weston photos is really inspiring, so I think that will be a lot of fun. I am also excited to get to see the dark room, to be able to see what they use and just get to be somewhere where great art has been made, and I’m also excited to see the museum! So really everything. It’s all exciting.

    7. I’m not sure what I will be photographing, but I know that I want to try photographing from more interesting angles. There are so many beautiful things to photograph-and so many people do-so I want to make sure that when I photograph them I do it in a new way. That is my goal for the trip.

  6. 6. I really thought it was interesting how the whole weston family has lived in carmel for decades and left behind their legacy of photography. The skills that they learn in the darkroom are passed down through generations and from what Kim Weston says you can tell that everyone in the Weston family develops their own photographic talent. I thought weston’s nudes had an interesting composition, it was not just a picture of a body there were other objects incorporated as well. I am excited about looking at Weston’s photos in person and seeing the darkroom that he created the photos in. I am also looking forward to shooting at point lobos because from what Kim Weston described, it sounds beautiful.

    7. I hope to find many picturesque things in nature while I am at point lobos because of the location and the ocean, cypress trees, rock formations, and other things the articles say it has to offer. I will be looking for pretty landscapes and views of the sea and also all of the different natural elements that are found there.

  7. 6. three aspects I find interesting are: 1, the fact that the Weston name was passed down in the way it was. It wasn’t util later in his life that Kim truly understood photography in more depth and his family’s carriers. 2, the way Kim now thinks about where he lives and the nature around him after having been around his father and grandfather for so long. The Westons have talent for appreciating everything and finding art in daily life surroundings. 3, how the westons always were devoted to their work and living a life of photography, constantly looking for picture opportunities.

    7. I’m looking forward to see the place in person, and go in his darkroom. Also, just seeing the things the Weston generation were inspired by might inspire me for a new approach or skill in my learning process of photography. I will (and always am while taking photographs) be thinking about new ways of photographing and experimenting with angles and lighting mostly.

  8. 1) I think it’s interesting that he sees his future work so strongly in this one pepper that conveys a different reality. It speaks to how strong subjects can be for the artist, even if they don’t always convey the same meaning. It’s also interesting how he can make such an ordinary object into something more.
    2) His prints are incredible, I especially liked the nudes. What he’s said about nature, to me, is shown especially in the nude pictures, because they are unsexual and he conveys the beauty and naturalness of nudity.
    4) Weston’s nudes are really interesting. Badger spoke to how he viewed his subjects as sexual conquests, but to me, it really doesn’t come off in the pictures. The sand dune pictures are fascinating, but do give off a little bit of a submissive tone.
    5) Weston’s ability to separate the sexuality of a wife and the beauty and simplicity of nudity is amazing. Charis appreciates this, and her comment on how the picture didn’t even seem like her shows that Weston was more interested in the lines and beauty.

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