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Art 1 – Wolf Kahn landscapes – Due 4/21


In-class preview of pastels:

Blog assignment due 4/21:

Wolf Kahn review

Read the review linked above and the article  linked below. Within the site below, watch the two videos (note especially, in the second video, the path of his career and his comments about painting.)

Wolf Kahn studio visit

In your comments, include the following:

What do you find as the most interesting art historical fact and why?

Does his personal history in Nazi Germany and “Kindertransport” refugee change the way you view and interpret his work?

What insights about painting your own landscapes do you gain from listening to him, looking at, and reading about his paintings ?

In your sketchbook, do a 1 hour landscape, observed from real life, inspired by Wolf Kahn’s work. Try to convey the facts, essence, and spirit of the place.

This will be the plan for your painting when you get back.  (You may want a back up photo for when you paint although most of your painting will come from the preparatory drawing.)

Art 3 – Close-ups and artistic discipline – Due 4/9


You next project is a close up of a hand, foot,  or natural object placed within a well composed context.

Below are 2 sites with tutorials on drawing hands and one example or illustraion of a stippled hand in compositional context.

Hand tutorials

More hand drawing advice

Which method is most helpful to you and why does it seem like the best approach? Do you think you will try it?

Search for some other examples on the internet for support to your project and post links if you find anything of interest.

Next is an interesting commentary by Guggi about art and discipline.

Comment on what your artistic discipline is. What routines and methods do you use to get your best work?

What contributes to your concentration, focus, and productivity?

What distracts you and how can you minimize, avoid, or eliminate these distractions?

Art 2 – Perspective due 4/9


Watch each of the following three short videos related to your current project

AND post a comment with insights you have about each of the videos AND write a reflection on the process of learning to draw 3 pt perspective and your discoveries about imagination, visualization, and visually constructing an architectural type structureon a 2d plane.