Photo Critique/next roll – considering photographic intentions – 3/31


1. Look at the following site and comment on some of the differences you notice – consider how art photographers seek originality, unusual points of view, depth of meaning, excellence, the exercise of technical photographic choices, to create personal stylistic distinction, and to avoid cliche’. Comment on the 3 most important distinctions to you that you want to use in your art photography (compared to when you take your snapshots.)

Snapshot vs. Fine Art Photographs

2. Watch the following 2 videos of William Klein talking about his contact sheets.  He reveals his memories of the “shoots”, the subjects, the choices he made, the effects he was after, the results he got, and when a photograph was “almost a photograph” and when a photograph became “a photograph.”  Obviously, he is talking about quality and personal intentions.  The photograph became a photograph when it satisfied his artistic goals and intentions.  What are the three most interesting aspects of the choices he makes in photographing or in refining his prints?

3. Watch this video and notice his studio and the storage of his negatives, prints, and contacts.  Also listen to his discussion about his work and the serendipity in his life.

As he talks about some of these photographs as a self-portrait (even when it is of other people), can you think of any of your photos that may  similarly be considered a self-portrait?

4. A major distinctions between a fine art photographer and a person who takes snapshots is the degree of intention in taking the photograph :

a. quality photographers change the way we see

b. quality photographs are not of something but about something

c. quality photographers reveal something about the world or themselves and have the will to make it as good as possible

In your comment, post what your strategy will be for the second half of the next roll and which of the 3 points listed above (a,b,c) are most important to you as you pursue quality photographs.




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  1. For the second part of my next roll I will be attempting to take several types of pictures. Firstly I want to take pictures of “nature not in nature.” Let me explain. For one two of the pictures I took in my last roll I took sort of nature-ey pictures, like some mushrooms or leaves, but I took them in very un nature-ey places. For example, the mushrooms where just growing right next to the sidewalk, and one had been stepped on. You can’t tell from the photo because of the angle, but I think thats kind of interesting. I feel like comment a is the most important to me, because that’s kind of the point of fine art photography.

  2. I think the choices he makes make a picture a photograph because he waits for just the right moment to focus on, the right thing to focus on, and what is happening in the periphery to take the right picture. I like how in the first video when the dwarf was getting his picture taken he used a wide angle lens and that it turned into a self portrait of the people around him. for the second half of my roll I want each picture to show a bit more emotion by using quality or technique ab and c. just a little bit of each.

  3. For the 2nd half of my next roll, I really want to focus on the level of my intention in my photos. I think in the past I’ve gotten “lucky” with a lot of my pictures and I’ve been able to crop them or filter them to a point where I can enlarge and print them easily, but I’d like to put enough thought into each photo that they’re already easy to enlarge and print by the time I develop the negatives. I think C is the most important to me as a photographer, because A and B seem to be more targeted towards people who pursue photography as a profession and have the ability to photograph more important events or people.

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