Photo – Elliott Erwitt – Due 3/6


Watch the following 2 videos and comment on all the insights you gained from Erwitt.  Which 3 photos are your favorites and explain why.

Refer to the list of points from the critique that you wrote down as important advice as a possible means to evaluating the quality in your favorites.


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  1. My favorite photos whas the one at 1:39 on the first video which was very interesting with the fog and the building and the woman, and the ones in the second video at 1:43, which not only had an awsome subject but good compositions with the birds in the forground and the one at 11:40 with the tower and the sillouets and the jumping man and the coupple, it was just very well composed and interesting to look at and pure. From Erwitt I gained many insights on the field of photogrophy, including the importance of experiance and the type of experiance photogrophy is. I also learned that uncomftorbly close close-ups can kill the mood of almost any film.

  2. I liked the photo in the second video at 5:54 because I love its composition and the use of the human form. We as a society are afraid of the human body, that it will somehow corrupt our purity. This photo shows a fearless approach to taking pictures of people rather than being prude about people with few articles of clothing. I like the contrast of their bodies against the pristine clearness of the beach, which is a somewhat difficult thing to print due to the high levels of contrast. I’m interested in the level of dodging and burning involved in printing it.The things I want to add to my list of things to keep in mind while taking photographs is waiting for the moment to come. Sometimes, I get extremely hasty in taking my pictures without waiting carefully for the perfect moment. There have been so many opportunities for good photos that I could have taken had I just kept my camera out and waited.

  3. The advice I got out of listening to him, was that you have to practice a lot. He talked about knowing everything you needed to know from the instruction manual, and I really liked that because I think photography is a lot of trial and error. My favorite three photos were the one at 4:23 because I love the intensity of the sky in the background, the angle of the shore, and the dogs tail just sticking out-it’s just a great picture. I also loved the one at 7:10 because it’s one of those shots that if I had seen the actual building in real life I wouldn’t have taken a picture, but he saw how interesting the lines could be from a different perspective and it’s a really interesting shot. 9:28 was my third favorite because of the lighting on her face, I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from or how he got so many different shades in different parts and it was beautiful. I didn’t really receive any advice during the critique, probably because I was last? But the idea of waiting for the right time to take a picture instead of rushing to take a photo, is something I heard people talking about, and I think that’s good advice.

    • It is unfortunate we got so rushed at the end of the critique – last but not least. Next time, I’ll have it ordered better. Let’s look at your work together tomorrow to build on your progress and prepare for the next step.

  4. My favorite pictures were all of dogs, in the beginning of the second video. The first one was the dog looking over the fence at 3:56. I like the composition of this photo because it shows the rule of thirds very well and it looks like the dog is staring into your soul. The next one was the dalmations at 4:14, because it kind of reminded me of a couple of people walking around at the board walk, with the ferris wheel in the background. The last was the picture of his dog at the beach at 4:19. If it were just a picture of the wave it would have been nice on its own, but the dog adds a playful side to it that i like much more.

    The two things that i took away from it are that dogs are good photo subjects and i should keep the audience in mind when taking a picture, which i don’t always do, i just kind of rush through it.

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