Art 3 – Perspective sighting – Due 12/4


Watch the following videos and the site with explanations about perspective.

Post your responses to each of the 3 videos and 1 website and share the insights about perspective you get from each.

Add any links that you think might be of interest to others.

Remember to bring your picture in from your home from a 2 pt viewpoint.


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  1. What I got from the first video is how shading functions in three dimensional objects. I’ve always been somewhat bewildered by shading and it’s really helpful to see examples on simple object.

    I really enjoyed the second video because it’s accurate without sacrificing creativity and an artistic quality. Rather than constraining the drawing, the lines make it more precise and clear.

    The third video was particularly interesting because it shows how linear thinking can apply to less common shapes. It gives a lot of insight into grid-applicability.

    The website was interesting because it really shows how you can be precise and make accurate measurements without a lot of excess equipment. It gives the reader a general way to sight different objects. It’s especially helpful with non-rectangular objects.

  2. From these videos, it is clear to see the importance of geometric shapes in forming and shading the perspective scenes. You can use shapes such as circles and square to draw the objects. It is also really important to find reference shapes to help in the process. After watching the first video, I could really understand how determining a light source can make it easier and more exact to draw the scenes.

    When I was in art 1 and we work with grids to draw faces, it was fascinating to to see how accurate it was, with that said, that is why I found the third video really awesome. Again, it shows how crucial geometric shapes and concepts are to transferring a 2-dimensional picture to paper.

  3. I think the first video briefly and clearly explains how lights affect the value of an object. I’ve been used to draw based on my observation, but this video actually helps me to understand this basic relationship without studying any complex theories.
    The second is more of a ‘free-style’ painting but has a quite accurate perspective, and it emphasized the importance of finding correct isometric lines so every object can stay in where it should be.
    The third video is amazing but I feel that’s way too much work. I really do admire the artist’s patience…just like those ancient artists who would spend months and years to find extremely accurate perspectives. wow.
    The website is also very interesting and teaches you some handy ways to get accurate perspective.

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