ART 2 – Artful branches – Due 9/23


1. Look at the student studies of branches using cross contours:


2. Look at the discussion of positive and negative shapes in the composition of these photographs by Art Wolfe:


3. Look at the Almond Branches by van Gogh and read the commentary about the context and the composition:


4. Read the biography of  and comments on Patricia Tobacco Forrester:


5. Look at all the images and compositions by Forrester at this site and the google images below it, and others if you want. Consider how she uses positive and negative space in the compositions:


6. Comment on the visual and emotional effect of the branches by van Gogh and Forrester in terms of both their symbolic significance and  the visual effect.  Which image is most impressive to you and why? How does this contribute to your understanding of  and sensitivity to the form of the branches?


4 responses »

  1. I like the Van Gogh almond blossom painting best. The color of the sky really makes the flowers stand out, and the branches make the space look neither empty nor full. I also like the way he uses light colors to make things look farther away and dark contour lines to make things closer. The contour lines make the branches look more three dimensional, and really let you see the shape of them.

  2. I thought the way in which Van Gogh organized the branches and the contrasting but complementing colors of the sky and the flowers made for a very interesting painting, one that draws the attention to the branches and also doesn’t have any space that feels like it should have something going on. The images of the studies of branches were very impressive to me because they were very simple and yet they were able to evoke so much shape with such a simple, and yet complex technique.

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