AP Art – Concentration ideas – due 9/11


This week you will start thinking about your concentration.  But you do not have to choose until Thanksgiving.  Try some on for size.

Excellent resources for Concentration ideas:




In your comments, list the 10 topics that seem most interesting to you from the sites above.

And, choose 3 to mind map in your sketchbook, with words or images.

And, from the tips listed below – post which 3 are most important to you.

Tips to help you find your voice:



5 responses »

  1. portraits
    women in feminine roles
    ink drawings based on photographic portraits
    social/political issues
    documentary style photography of veterans
    duality and relationships, a comparison; man/woman, woman/child, light/dark
    sex and other forbidden encounters in a teenage world
    meetings between strangers

    ink drawings based on photographic portraits
    meetings between strangers

    completing for the sake of progress
    articulating what you’re attempting
    accepting never-before-seen results

    • I notice that many of your interests are humanistic and that some of them overlap – I would print this out, cut it into strips, group and paste in your sketchbook as the start of a mind map. I would immediately start making some of these connections and see where else they lead!

  2. root vegetables
    paper bags
    crop pattern

    black line work- tattoo inspired

    allow risk taking
    integrating your different threads
    completing for the sake of progress

  3. Sorry this took me about ten years to complete! However, this is my (possible) list:

    the clashing of cultures
    increasing consumption
    the human “outside” (cosmetic surgery, weightloss, makeup, etc)
    musical interpretations (instruments, jazz bands, etc.)
    things blowing into the air
    time – childhood to adulthood
    people engaged in mindless actions (brushing teeth, eating breakfast, etc)
    vices of ordinary people (smoking, drinking, etc.)
    things that come in pairs

    people (either mindless actions, vices, or the human outside)
    things that come in pairs (shoes, siblings, couples, etc.)
    masks (could integrate into this the clashing of cultures)

    allowing risk taking to be risky
    articulating what you’re attempting
    completing for the sake of progress

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