Art 2 – due 8/30 Mondrian’s Chrysanthemum


Look at this link for an introduction to Mondrian’s Chrysanthemum and some of his artistic influences:

Look at this link for the video summary of his life and work as well as some more art historical information,  if you are interested.

Do a search with the following words for some more insights into his Chrysanthemum drawings:

(mondrian master drawings smith college museum of art)

and scroll to the bottom of page 236 for a quote  from Mondrian about his intentions, followed by another image of a Chrysanthemum on page 237.

Post a comment and share what you find interesting about his artistic development, the Chysanthemun drawings, and his use of media and line to create form and space.

(Be sure to include your thoughts about his own words about his work.)

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  1. I liked how he made his chrysanthemums more complex then real ones, by shading in every shadow that’s usually too light for us to notice, and adding details that may or may not have been there. I also thought he seemed very dedicated to his work, since he travelled considerable distances and even left his fiancé for it.

    • It’s interesting to note how the shadows are often enhanced in a drawing and it makes me wonder: is that how Mondrian saw the chrysanthemum or is that how he wanted us to see it, knowing it was an exaggeration?

  2. I’m really fond of his work, especially the chrysanthemums that he did. It seems obvious that the chrysanthemums he drew are much more complex than the usual ones. But he was able to discover how the chrysanthemums form and grow in detail and even continue drawing it in its natural ways. Besides, the techniques he used made it more realistic. As for the quotation from the text that he said, I think it’s exactly how we need to do–balance the two opposite aspects of an object. For example, he was trying to equilize limitation and expansion in the chrysanthemums.

    • I admire his ability to understand the nature of the chysanthemum so fully, as you point out and as the drawing shows. And his technique shows such exquisite attention to detail; it is really a model of engaging drawing! I like that it was not only about technique though but also about the ideas and intentions of his goals as an artist.

  3. I think that his ability to sketch something so generally but with so much tact and shape really shows his abilities as an artist, and while I don’t think it shows an incredible amount of creativity, the way he structures his drawings and the way he makes them flow really lends to his skill and knowledge of the subject he is drawing. His use of shading in very specific places is really interesting and it’s cool to look at where he shades and how it ties the entire piece together so you can see it as one.

    • He definitely wasn’t trying to break new ground with these drawings as he was with his non-objective work or the gradual abstrations of other subjects that led to those geometric De Stijl paintings. But, as you point out, they are beautifully drawn and certainly visually engaging.

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