AP art due 8/30 – getting started


Go to the website and investigate the resources available to you.


Here are drawing portfolio samples:


Here are 2d design portfolio samples:


Look at the following sketchbooks and the ways you can make your sketchbook a hotbed of media, imagery, and ideas that will lead to your Concentration.


From this introduction and the discussion in class,

post any questions you have about the AP requirements

your personal artistic goals,

ways which you think you can help one another, and

a link to any artists or images that you currently find inspiring, particularly any that might contribute to your development.


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  1. I don’t have any questions about the AP specifically. I understand how there are 3 parts, and each is scored on a scale of 1-6 (I think). I guess my question is how many points overall constitutes a 5 on the AP?
    My personal goal is to create a portfolio that I have spent time and worked hard on, filled with creative ideas and technical skill. I want to create something that I feel represents my artistic skill and challenges me. Mostly, I want to create a portfolio that I am 100% proud of, with every piece being the best I can make it.
    I don’t have specific artists or artworks I find inspiring, I take inspiration from many different sources (paintings, drawings, everyday life, objects, people, themes, emotions, etc.)

    • I’ll show you the grading scale and that will explain a few things. I love that you will be doing your best, as you consistently do but it’s always good to remember that you will have favorites as you look back on your work….and looking at how you value your Breadth pieces differently will help you, in some ways, to choose your Concentration.

  2. The AP requirements seem pretty straight forward, although after looking at all the example concentration and breadth portfolios I am quite intimidated…I would just question on whose standards is the submitted artwork critiqued? I mean, the AP has a list of good/bad things they look for in every piece and portfolio as a whole, but it seems really hard not to have a personal bias when it comes to critiquing artwork, so how do we best avoid the “graders” giving a worse score thanks to not being personally keen on our style of artwork?
    My personal artistic goals for this class is to work on making each piece that I produce the best that it can be. I really want to tone my portfolio into a clean, well-done selection of my best work…not just a bunch of “cool art” that I’ve done.
    I also hope to get better and more critique from my classmates as I highly appreciate their skill and artistic thought as well.
    I am inspired by many random artists and works I see around, but mostly my driving force as an artist comes from my everyday life- the tree I walk by, the tea cup I drink from, the actions of others around me…etc. I am constantly amazed by the delicate details of what we deem as “simple” in our lives, and I really like having that influence show through my artwork.
    here are some links to artists/work that inspires me:

    • I am also looking forward to some good AP critiques that will help you articulate ideas about your work and to get feedback from your peers. It helps to see your current artistic influences – great connections to what you are doing already. Except the ceramic artist may be a new direction for you?

  3. I don’t have any specific questions yet though I probably will.
    Goals: I want to create a portfolio where I like all of the pieces in it. I’m worried about settling for pieces that I’m not completely proud of instead of taking the extra effort to redo them. I’m also worried about the time constraint. I work slowly unless the time period is consistent; then I get into the groove and, I think, get more done quicker. I don’t want to feel all the pressure of the deadline and end up creating something random that isn’t me. On a lighter note, I’m pumped for the concentration: so excited to start that.
    People who have been inspiring me lately: Vivian Maier. She’s a photographer so it doesn’t really apply to drawing and painting but that doesn’t make her photographs any less awesome. She is kind of a weirdo though, you can watch the video.

    • Yes, I think you will get faster as you set up a structure this year. It may mean a part of some lunches that you come in to work. Deadlines are hard but they do make us get things done! I love the work of Vivian Maier. I hope we can get the video and watch it in our class when we do street photography. She certainly sounds like an interesting person too.

  4. No real questions about the AP, other than why it’s beneficial to take it? Shouldn’t the class focus on helping us create portfolios for college apps?
    My goal this year is to create a body of work I deem my best yet and am thoroughly proud of. Hopefully, it will also be sufficient enough to fill out a robust portfolio. I really have no interest in taking/passing the AP, as I still don’t see the real value in that.
    My inspiration, at the moment, is almost entirely conceptual, with a focus on spirituality and political ethics.

    • Many students are inspired by the work that they see their peers do and want to aspire to creat a comparable coherent body of work. But you may be more inerested in working on college portfolio requirements and in that case, you may be in the wrong class.

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