Art 2,3,4, AP – Mind mapping!


Mind mapping is visual brainstorming.  In making art, it can provide you with ideas and the map itself can become an aesthetic expression by thinking about pattern, positive/negative space, visual keys/cues, in addition to the words and ideas. It also gives you insight into how your ideas are interrelated and avenues of artistic expression you might want to follow.  Together we will look at

In your sketchbook, map and draw:

“Summer 2013”

With a classmate, map and draw

“Art is”

Together or alone, map and draw a theme like identity, memory, history, family, friendship, gender,hopes, dreams, childhood, water, space, growth, etc.etc. or another subject that you want to map.  AP students, this may lead to a Concentration….

No need to comment on this post but if you find an interesting site on mind maps or related artists, please share and post the link!


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