Art 1 – For 5/20


Spend at least 15 minutes looking at the examples of the mixed media journals in the link below. These were collaboratively and randomly made by tens of thousands. Be sure to touch on the different categories. Comment on what you found, what interested you, what you felt when looking into the personal thoughts left by strangers, and inspiration you get from this mixed media art.  Then do an hour on mixed media sketchbook pages in the style of some of the journals you liked. Keep track of your time on the back.

1000 Journals Project


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  1. I became very lost in this site. I found myself trapped and unable to escape from the swirling vortex of strangers and their corresponding images that I’m honestly unsure of what to say. I particularly liked the collages done by ordinary people on things they found important to them. Many of them were politically or morally charged, but that was what made them interesting. Even the messages I didn’t agree with made me think and then wonder what that person believes and why. Some were a hybrid of collage and painting, which were some of the most interesting ones. One that I liked was a collage of images of different pets with the superimposed image of a person’s face painted over it in watercolor. The shading was beautiful, and while I don’t know what it means to the artist, I can appreciate the skill that went into making it.

    In terms of the drawings, some were beautiful and intricate while others were the artwork of a five year old (literally). Many were drawn with free form by people with little to no artistic training, but had a lot of character regardless.

    With the writing, I couldn’t understand some of them in other languages, but the ones I did understand were intriguing and made me wonder about the lives of other people. While we would like to think that we understand them, we never take the time look at the lives of strangers and wonder what their life story is, what they believe and where they live. It’s times like these that remind me how little I know about the people in this world.

    It was also interesting to see the abnormal things people placed into the sketchbooks. In one, a person pasted an airsick bag in it in hopes of creating another page for someone else to draw on. It was a connection between people that didn’t have the same opinions or even the same language. It was almost like a permanent internet chat room, where everyone could post everything. The only difference is the individuality in each person’s work of art.

    • It’s cool that you got lost in the site. I find it absorbing on so many levels – the personal, cultural, philosophical, and of course, visual! There are so many different styles and approaches.

  2. I really enjoyed looking at the different types of collage and drawing/painting. I looked at the personal, quotes, opinion and love journals. I found the journals that used a specific phrase that sounded like it was written by a child, or a personal statement. It was interesting seeing the art incorporated into people’s personal thoughts because it seemed to expand on their expression. Visually, I liked it when some of the page was left white or the book format was used creatively. I saw one journal that had odd looking birds on one page and I really liked it because it was so simple, yet so expressive. When looking at people’s personal thoughts next to a drawing I felt like I could relate to those thoughts more. I was inspired by all the different types of media that were used and also by the images that could be created using somebody’s personal journal.

  3. I checked out the mixed media journals in the websites and I found they are really interesting. Some of the journals are abstract. They painted in a stylish way and caught my eyes. It is very cool to write things in those amazing backgrounds. Some journals are pasted with paper from magazines, newspapers, whatever… I liked the way people arranged pieces of things though I don’t think they really mean to express something. There is one journal I was looking at has a background with Chinese words and a poker card paste on it. Obviously there is really no connection but the overall arrangement looks fine in sense of colors and structure. In photography part, there are many unique photos. Some of them looks old, I like old photos because they are some sort of clues of history. Some of them are unique and pretty cool.

  4. I really liked this site and the progect as a whole. I, like iceblue kind of got lost in the website.The art on display was beautiful and a great example of how ordinary every day people can create art just as meaningful and beautiful as a person who has taken a bunch of art theory lessons or is a famous artist. On that note I think we should abolish all required art classes because clearly if some random people with no art experience can still colaberate and make art that gets put in a museum, do we really need art classes? I think not.The idea is pure gold, and its a great way to show how people can communicate despite cultural religious and language barriers through art. I think that’s what art is all about really, communication, getting your ideas across without the need for writing or talking or anything like that. On that random note I think we should abolish blog posts and just respond with our art because that would be a great and meaningful exercise.

  5. The idea of publicizing people’s journals sort of creeped me out at first, to be honest. I thought it was weird to show someone’s most personal thoughts to the world like that. But now that I’ve looked through so many of them, I definitely see why it was done. The best part of a journal is that the person talks about everything they aren’t allowed to say out loud or to the world. They get to work through all the feelings that everyone has but no one talks about. And seeing people go through that process can really help others deal with their own problems. The fact that there are so many examples on the site is amazing, because it can reach out to people who connect with art, writing, doodles, stories, fictional worlds, etc. It gives any type of person a chance to understand that they aren’t alone in the things they are feeling, and that there are other people going through the same things. I think that’s really beautiful, because although it’s such a logical concept, it’s definitely not intuitive.

  6. I’m still not quite sure what this all is, but I was looking through some of them and I did think that many were very pretty and artistic. There is this one I am looking at that I think is like number 351 or something, and I really like it in that it has so many different things put together, yet it could still be made of just one person. There is this big drawing on the one side and it is very well drawn, and then there are others, some writing and some photos. There is another I enjoyed a lot which is actually right after the one I was just speaking of. I like it for a couple different reasons. First, it looks very much like something I would draw, so it is just kinda funny to see someone else doing the same kind of stuff. Second, I like how “simple” it is, in that you just look at it quickly and it just seems like nothing. But when you look at it it is actually quite nice. I also like that it looks like two pieces of paper, but there is a hand that goes across them both so you can see that they are not just randomly put together.
    Then, I checked out some of the personal diary stuff, and I felt kinda bad reading someones personal thoughts, but then again it’s not against their will so that made me feel better.
    I actually thought that is was sort of funny to read, because when I write “diaries” or something personal it can be quite alike to some things I am reading here.
    I only really looked at like 5-6 of the advise/deep thoughts ones, but I also liked them as well. I think these are fun to look at actually and you get some new thoughts reading some of them.
    Overall I liked this quite a lot, yet I found some more interesting than others.

  7. To begin with I was shocked by the complete candidness of the writers/authors/artists of the journals shown. Within the mixed media and collage section there were many instances of semi-explicit content and somewhat revealing photographs. While this seemed to me a strange sort of self-willed violation of privacy, I suppose that there is a certain sense of security within the anonymity of a journal, and as such the participants wrote/drew/painted more freely.

  8. I was entranced by the variety and spontaneity of it all. So many strangers coming together in a way that is, at the same time, removed and intimate. Like iceblue said, I kind of got lost. I just kept looking at the next one, and the next one. I’m not even sure how much time I spent on there. Some of the handwriting was hard to read, and some of the art looked more like a kid doodling, but I nevertheless found it very enjoyable. All the different kinds of art and thought really made me feel connected.

  9. I also would like to say that i got lost in the sight. there were so many journal entries, i didn’t now where to begin. Eventually I started looking at the drawing which i found interesting and inspiering(although some of them were kind of skribbly and messy which kindof undermind everyone elses great work. The journals give some people freedom to draw what ever they want and to share things with the world that they would never share if they knew people they knew would red, but I also feel like the journals lent themseves to people who want to wrecka dnthey felt like the could because no one would cetch them.) The mixed media was one of my favorite sections because they were all so cool and creative. My favorite mixed media was the creation with the cat and the face and the cupboard. I felt like with the mixed media people had the opportunity to tell their story. The artwork had so much depth and creativity. My absolute favorite journal pages were the self portraits because the people who made them pored out their hearts an souls to the world and exposed who they were. It seemed like each one was so free and personalized. THey were also very interesting to look at because you got to meet the artist and you could kind of tel what their personality was like. Over all these journal pages a very, very cool. As I was looking at the sight I was wondering how they got so many people to daw in them and how they ever got the back once they were full….

  10. The site was kind of confusing at first. I sorta got lost like everyone else just because there are so many journals and different medias. My favorite media though was the collages. I have always liked collages just because you can put what ever you want on to them. The artist here did a really good job. They included many interesting and intricate pictures. Some of them were really simple ones but those ones make you think more just because there is less to look at. I also really liked how they would mix words in with the pictures. That adds a great effect to the picture. Some of the collages were hard to understand but once I started looking at the others and couldn’t understood there message I was able to understand the picture better. I like how strangers can have completely different collages or pictures but both can help each other out. They work together in a way which is why I like that these people created the 100 Journals. It helps the viewers get a feel for a certain medium and maybe get interested in a new one.

  11. I think the 1000 journals idea is really clever, and I kind of wish I’d thought of it myself…
    I didn’t feel like I was invading anybody’s personal space, even though I don’t know any of these people personally. I just found it interesting and insightful;. The pieces that have writingg on them are cool because I can relate to a lot of them, especially about things I thought I was alone in.
    It’s fascinating to see how many people took a few minutes out of their lives to doodle on these pages, let out some feelings, sketch something near by, whatever. Some only wrote hello in a thick sharpie before passing it off, where as others sat down with newspapers, glue, scissors, paints, a pile of gel pens, etc… I think this says a lot about our culture and how almost everybod would be haappy to put a side a moment, or 30, to vent into a journal.

  12. I really enjoyed browsing through all the journals and seeing how unique and different they were. They all had the same basis and idea as being a mixed media journal, but it is pretty astounding how just within one type of art, there are so many variations. Every thought that goes into the artwork and each decision that is made really makes each and every artwork unique. It’s similar to how every person is unique. We all are a person, but we each have different races and ethnicity, and within those we have different characteristics. And every aspect of us makes us different. With artwork, its the same thing because there are so many different variations and nuances that someone can do for each artwork that there’s no way you could even replicate an artwork exactly even if you tried. With the artwork from the website, I liked how everything was so unique and different and I liked how the artwork was organized into categories. The idea that artwork can fit into different categories is also intriguing because it shows that artwork also has different meanings depending on the different people viewing the piece, as we learned from last week.

  13. I absolutely loved this site. I thought it was a really amazing idea, and every one of the collages was so fascinating to look into. The writing, the art work, each and every aspect was unique and they all had different content. I spent a good hour looking through them and it was really beautiful. I felt almost honored? To be able to see peoples personal thoughts. It reminded me of Tumblr a lot actually, a lot of the blogs are like an online collage of quotes and images and things that are important to people. I thought that was really cool. It’s really inspired, and I think I’m gonna spend more time journaling through artwork. Sometimes it’s easier to get things out with images than it is with words. Really beautiful idea.

  14. I love how many of the journals fuse the written word with visual art. They mostly aren’t super polished works of art, but they are windows into the lives the personal lives of strangers. The scrawled handwriting makes it feel that much more real. One of my favorites was one which read “once, a teacher of mine gave our class a writing assignment that was titled: ‘describe your vision of courage.’ I got the only A+ in the class. My version was: ‘THIS IS.'” I thought that was hilarious. I agree with wallflower, looking through the journals reminded me a lot of tumblr because it’s mostly poignant quotes and images taken out of context and scattershot together to create new meaning.

  15. I really like the mixed media journals in this site. They are really interesting, especially with those words. Actually, I do some journals like these as well to show my feeling. I think it’s a really good way to express people’s feelings and thoughts. what’s more, some of them use various colors, some of them use the parts of newspaper or magazines. My favorite is the one called LISTEN. THis one is not a painting, but a combine of many parts from different sources. There is a big flower, and on the right side of this flower is an ear. Also, on the right side of this art, there are a leaf and a bird’s nest. In my view, i think the leaf, bird’s nest and the flower represent the nature. And the ear shows the humans. Human should listen and try to understand what nature says.

  16. I spent most of my time in the “Sketch/Doodle” section, and found it fascinating. I think art that is planned out and thought out piece by piece is obviously great (that is, after all, how most great works are created, by visionaries with singular goals), but to see artists, both good and bad, sketch out what’s in their minds at a specific point is very illuminating. I was surprised to find so distorted faces in the sketches. The style of art that sticks out in my mind when looking through the different doodles was definitely pop art.

  17. I really enjoyed the website mainly because of the original idea and how it can come to fruition in such a neat way. I basically liked all of the sections because they all had their own outstanding pieces and no section seemed to stand out much more than the others. The diversity between skill in the artists was also interesting because it gave a much broader look on ways in which people express themselves, much more average than a lot of the people we study normally.

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