Art 3 – Abstraction – Fluid grounds – Due 5/9


View the video on Eelco Maan

and the website of Archan Nair

Archan Nair

and the google search bringing up other related artists:

Archan Nair and others

Notice the range in these works from total non-objectivity to those which let subject matter emerge or sit on top of the fluid ground.

Which do you personally prefer? Explain why you prefer particular pieces in terms of aesthetic or emotional responses or the ideas evoked.

These particular artists are more commercially active and used in advertisting and decorating.  Could you see either artists works in a museum, why or why not?  Why are they often exclusive venues?

These techniques of working or buiilding a fluid ground can be applied to illustrations of all sorts from textiles to children’s illustrations. Can you link to some others?

How far do you want to go in creating imagery on top of your fluid ground, if any? Why?


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  1. When I first watched the video I was worried that this project was going to be only abstraction…like mixing planes of color and splatters. I do not understand this type of non-objective art…it reminds me of the fauvists and abstract artists like Jackson Pollack who just smear paint or make splatters and call it art. I think that art require line and form and this type of “moody” paint planes seems too plain and random to me. So, I prefer putting objects and drawings on top of color planes, or to create shapes from paint splatters in order to put meaning and matter into the piece. Though I understand how people have an “emotional experience” with non-objective abstract art, I prefer to have a different visual experience in my art. Simple planes of paint and color are very visually pleasing in a simple business office or advertising, as it doesnt make the viewer think and ponder…also it goes well with other room decor. I’m not sure how these types of art go well in childrens illustrastions but like in Where the Wild Things Are, the use of line on top of backgroundcolor creates nice define shapes- often seen in illustrations.
    I REALLY liked this style, i hope to influence my peice from it:

  2. I think it’s really fun to look at the type of art in the video and try to see things in the abstraction. While watching the video, I kept seeing images of dragons and fairies. What you see says something about you, I think. But my favorite style is that in which the subject matter emerges from the fluid ground. My favorite of all the works was “Ptelea” by Archan Nair. Its colors were just so beautiful, and the image I saw in it struck a chord with me: a beautiful figure in a cloak casting a spell. Most everything by Archan Nair was gorgeous. I could definitely see it in a museum. Well, except for the ones with cars in them. I don’t know why they shouldn’t be in museums. Perhaps people think of museum art as having colors that are less flashy or images that are clearer (or sometimes less clear). Whatever the reason, I disagree with it. It’s beautiful. Museums should accept all beautiful artwork.

    Here are some links I found on Deviant Art to pieces that are somewhat similar:,,,

  3. I didn’t really like the complete abstraction paintings very much. don’t get me wrong, I like abstraction but i wasn’t too crazy about these compositions…they use a lot of color but computationally they seem pretty juvinal. I personally really like Arcans paintings. They are definitely commercial but I think these should be put in a museum. They have a sense of connection with the viewer….there is basically a main subject and t hen there are patterns and things radiating off the main subject into the universe initially…it feels like the abstract becomes a part of my space…I cant really explain it. I prefer the pieces with human subjects..I feel like it directly connects abstraction and abstract emotions and ideas to familiar faces or forms… I see building of fluid forms in a lot of children’s watercolor books…The artists seem to take advantage of the fluid watercolor media to create a mood or space for the child reading…I cant exactly think of an examples though. I definitely want to have a subject playing with abstract shapes…I want them to be interacting and on the same ground..

  4. I really like both the artwork in the video and Archan Nair’s paintings! It might sound silly but they make me feel happy and relaxed. The art in the video, most of it anyway, reminded me of outer-space, which I really like. Nair’s paintings, however, are really interesting. They have both the outer-spacey, fluid background of the art in the video, but they also have a kind of figure (or more) within that abstraction. I love it! It’s hard for me to say I prefer one style over the other, since I really enjoy them both. I do however think that Nair’s style is more unique, creative, and interesting.
    I could these paintings in a museum, but maybe one like the MOMA. Yes, I can definitely see their commercial aspect but they are really beautiful works and I think many people would enjoy them.
    I’m not sure I know any direct examples to link this kind of art to, but the style is almost psychedelic. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland (and other trippy things like that). They’re just very creative.
    I think in my project I’d like to have a similar amount of imagery on my fluid background as Nair does. His work is so impressive and intriguing, and I really love the style.

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