Art 1,2,3,4, AP, Photo – Santa Cruz Highschool Art show VISIT May 3-26



List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show.  You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium. (except PHOTO students choose onlly photos.) Take a picture of each of your choices for each place winner, with you standing next to it. (or drawing a thumbnail of it if you haven’t a camera.)

Instead of posting on the blog, you will hand in, in your sketchbook or separate paper, your list of criteria you used for judging (it must be more than “I liked it” ) and a justification of your choices using that criteria.

Here is the link for times and location Santa Cruz Art League – reception is May 11 3-5 – show opens May 3.

You may get ideas for your criteria from an Art Show Juror’s point of view:


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  1. The main criteria I used in judging the art for the art show were originality, attention to detail, and artistic technique. Even though I liked many of the pieces, not all of them impressed me in terms of originality. Some were paintings that I felt I had seen before, which made them not less enjoyable but less interesting than the other paintings. Attention to detail was another thing I chose, simply because I find that the more attention to detail a person has, the more effort is placed into the art. while this isn’t always true, it was one of the things I paid close attention to while judging the art. Finally, I judged on artistic technique. For example, some of the artists used a much more interesting technique than others that served to either make the art more interesting or more beautiful. These were the three things that I judged the paintings upon.

    Best of Show/First Place: I chose Dominance by Dominique de Leon due to its unusual subject matter of wolves fighting. Not only is this an unusual concept to choose, it isn’t one that I have seen before in my life. I loved the use of color and the way that each part of the wolves’ fur was detailed and paid careful attention to and the eyes of the wolves appeared real as if in a photograph. Even the gums of the wolves looked as though they had taken an hour or so to do because of the intricate detail. It was done in oil, a difficult medium for someone to use. The thick, rough brush strokes around the fur contrasted nicely with the smoother texture of the eyes and teeth. I chose this one for both prizes as I thought it deserved both of them. Note that I did not choose this because it was chosen by the judges at the show, I chose it because it genuinely fit my criteria.

    Second place: I chose First Day of Kindergarten by Eva Kurtz. It isn’t often to see scratchboard artwork featured in an art show, or at least the ones that I have been to, and even when it is it is normally not particularly well done or is more of an afterthought among other artwork simply to fill in spaces in shows. What I liked about this one was the attention to detail first and foremost. Like the above painting, the fur looks as though it could belong on a photograph of an actual tiger and the eyes look like actual eyes unlike the common mistake of many scratchboard artists to make them flat and uninteresting. The concept of a mother tiger carrying a cub was not a particularly new one, but the way it was pulled off was impressive. Finally, I find the fact that it was all done in scratchboard fascinating because it is a medium I do not know very well and it appears that it would have been difficult to create.

    Third Place: I chose Split Personality by Mill Koch because of the subject of half of the person’s face submerged under the water. What I found so interesting was the lack of eyes that were drawn into it because they were above the water. I think in portrait painting there is often a large amount of emphasis placed upon the eyes of the figure and less upon the rest of the human face. The attention to detail didn’t reach as highly as the two above, which was why I placed it lower than the others. But the reason it makes it onto the list is the technique. The subject was accentuated with scribbles of white pastel that represented the bubbles floating to the surface. It was an unusual technique and not one many people can pull off. But I think the artist did particularly well here which is why I chose it for third place.

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