Art 1 – Other Highschool Art Shows for 5/6


Watch the two videos from the Upper School of the University School and the Eastern Pennsylvania High School art show.


For sketchbook – do an hour of drawing(s), inspired by what you saw in the videos.


List and explain the reasons for  3 criteria that you will use to judge the work when you go to the Santa Cruz County High School Art Show.  You will be picking a 1st, 2nd, 3rd Best of Show, any medium. Take a picture of each of your choices for place winner, with you standing next to it. (or drawing a thumbnail of it if you haven’t a camera.)

You will hand in your list of criteria you used for judging (it must be more than “I liked it” ) and a justification of your choices using that criteria.

Here is the link for times and location Santa Cruz Art League – reception is May 11 3-5 – show opens May 3.

You may get ideas for your criteria from an Art Show Juror’s point of view:


26 responses »

  1. Well my three criteria for judging would probably be originality, general skill of work, and how much it hits with me. I will mainly look at the effort and composition and even if it’s not my thing, how much effort and thought went into, how much the art expresses about the artist, not just photo realism skill.

    • I liked the tea pot shaped like a heart because it was really interesting and original, I also liked the drawings of clothing in which creative little touches like multiple tags were there, as well as the drawing of the hands with the ribbon because of the incredible skill and planing that it took to make that.

  2. I especially enjoyed the dress at 0:56 because it was not only extremely visually appealing as a whole, but from the shading (and especially the lighting) and small details in simple dips and shadows in the fabric was fantastic, as was the skill in creating the object and making it seem realistic as was intended, and the finer details, such as the textures of the wall and fabric.

    I also really enjoyed the wax/clay/ceramic(?) bowls at 2:27. I enjoyed the frailness and soft beauty of their design and how the seemed to form roses, however they would have looked cute with their little broguing and such, the photographer/lighting framed them really beautifully, to create an entire package in which the bowls were involved, but was still more than just the bowls.

  3. I liked the dress on a hanger [painting], with the dark colours and the sticky notes tagged onto it. It seems like the dress could be something worn to your Middle School Formal or similar event. Once pretty, but as you stick on extra reminders/memories, it begins to sag and the hues darken

    I liked the drawing of the three girls from behind, two of them playing with their hair. They all looked about 16, and the stance they’d assumed looked pretty representative of that age, for me anyways.

    I also liked the PHOBIA compass with the drawings of girls bodies’ on the sides, as it reminds me a little bit of eating disorders, and how they can stem from a fear of getting fat.

  4. I liked the one with three pictures of hair being braided, and then a close up drawing of the braid. It’s a fresh way to look at something ordinary and everyday.

    I also liked the partially abstract one with the grins in it. The fracturing and distortion could be alluding to the way rumors distort the truth.

    I also liked the one where the guy had eyes on his hands. It seemed to be about how hard it is to see clearly, and how we can become blind.

  5. I really liked the piece at 2:55 of the first video of outstretched arms, palms up, with symbols and writing all over them. Below them are bandaids and bandaid wrappers on top of more symbols and unrecognizable writing and symbols beneath it. The details in tis piece were remarkable, and the meaning was so powerful.

    I also really enjoyed the drawing at 3:44 also from the first video, of the hands all interwoven and grasping each other. I could tell there was a lot of effort put into this, and it was very impressive especially since hands are so difficult to draw. The hands appear to be of people of all ages, some looking like small children’s hands and some looking older and more wrinkled.

    My final favorite was the painting at 2:31 in the second video of the trees with late afternoon sun flooding through them. Everything has a yellow-orange glow and it looks so peaceful and still. The tiny details of the tree leaves and the grass are very well done.

  6. 1) I liked the peace at 1:50 with the girl and the sunset on the first video. The colors were warm and the picture was well balanced. Unlike the other works of art that sought to use bright color in moderation (a concept which I think is highly overrated, if you want to use a color, I say use it and use as much of it as you want, after all your the artist and your art shouldn’t be ruled by old fashioned ideas of moderation in color. Do what you enjoy in art I say, because if you dont enjoy it whats the point?) This one sought to portray the brightness and beauty inherent in the world. This work is a great sunset piece and speaks of carefree and happy days.

    2) I also liked the photograph of the barn at 5:07 in the first video. The barn is good, old and run down with bits of it falling down. A testament to another time and place, when gold miners lived in boom towns and rancheros owned huge plots of land the size of counties. This striking monument is like many from the mid to late 1800’s that still stand today. However the thing that makes this picture great is the sky. The sun bursts out from between dark clouds like the very benediction of god streaming down to alight on some saint or somebody in a Renaissance painting.

    3) I, like Fat Cats Eat Bacon, also liked the painting at 2:31 in the second video. The painting, as already pointed out, looks calm and still. However, unlike Fat Cats Eat Bacon, I don’t think its the details that are well done. I’m not saying there bad or anything, however I think the overall effect when looking at it afar is truly the best thing about it. Even though you can’t see the details it looks really good, more complete somehow than when you look at it up close. To get this effect, try pausing your video on the painting, put it in full screen mode and stand back a couple yards. You won’t regret it.

    … Did you do it…No…Well then do it now!

    See, what I’m talking about!

  7. I like the picture which has a shape of man on it with the name of disease, crime inside the shape. I thought it visualizes the enemy of human world, and it’s interesting.

    I also noticed a picture where a woman grabs her face with round eyes and flare in the background. I like it because It looks creepy.

    I like the series of painting that consists of eight weird people. I don’t really get what the painting was telling, but it looks in the midway of abstract and still life. I thought it’s cool.

  8. I liked the piece that was a scarf made out of eggshells because it was very inventive and the way the shells were cracked looked like it had ruffles. I also liked the drawings of the three girls from the back because of the attention to detail and realistic shading on their backs. I thought the paintings of people’s faces in yellow and purple tones was pretty because of how the faces looked realistic and the colors made them even more expressive.

  9. 1) One of my absolute favorite pieces was the piece that depicted layers and layers of hands that were all holding a ribbon. (was it doe in charcoal?) I thought was very interesting visually. It was something I hadn’t seen before, very original. I also just really liked the style it was done in.

    2) I also really liked the photograph with the cows in pill apsuls on the bottum and an old fashion syringe on to. The color scheme was very unified and gave the piece a very old fashion a foreboding feel. I felt like it was great commentary on the way we are treating the animals we eat.

    3) I really enjoyed the picture (in charcoal?) of the naked women with their backs turned and barcodes on our neck. THe more that I think about it the more that I realize it was a commentary on the way women are thought of and treated in our society. It was also very well done.

  10. I liked the painting of the dress on a hanger with price tags covering it. (I don’t know who painted it, could someone please tell me?) It showed a great amount of symbolism about consumerism’s hijacking of the views of female bodies. I chose it because of its use of chiaroscuro (not sure if this is the exact correct term, but you know what I mean). It was well done, three dimensional, and an excellent tinted take on what would otherwise be known as a white dress.

    I also liked the drawing of the crying girl covering her eyes and trying to shield her face. The reason I chose this one is because it shows an art style that I’ve been trying to achieve for years, and as far as I’m concerned, it does that well. The use of shading and the fact that the artist made the girl have a realistic sad/worried expression doesn’t hurt. Often times, in drawings and paintings of people the subjects look inordinately beautiful, even when sad, worried, or angry. It’s a realistic depiction of a person.

    Am I allowed to comment on photos? I loved the photo of the young girl in the orange dress swirling in a backdrop of barbed wire, fields, and late day sky. The lighting of it is flawless and it sets off the girl’s dress and the field surrounding her. It is almost as if the entire world is lit up with the same yellow-orange glow, and the light infiltrating the thin fabric makes it appealing to the eye. I know we’re not really taking a photography class, but this deserves mention.

    • Sure – You can comment on any of the art and your comments are very strong in including both the descriptive and analytical phases talked about last week in the steps for interpretation.

  11. 1) I really liked the dress at 0:51. It had great shading which helped make the dress pop. And it needed that pop because it was a very dark painting. The artist did a really good job with the detail because it looks like the dress had actual curves. At first you just see the darkness but once you start to really look at you see the blue and the price tags. They really add to the affect and feel of the painting.

    2)I also really like the picture at 1:48. It makes you think of summer and sunshine. The sun makes a good accent on the dress. It doesn’t hide or blur out the dress but then the dress doesn’t over power the sun and background. I really like the barred wire because it makes the viewer think of being forbidden from something. The girl is forbidden to go to the nice green grass and sit. She has to stay on one side.

    3)I like the picture at 4:29 of the hands and face. The hands seem so simple but if you look close you can see the intricate design on the base. I think they are symbols but they are hard to see. They probably mean something to the artist. They have meaning but the meaning will be different for everyone. The face is very interesting even though its very plain. The face also doesn’t really have any emotions. It’s eyes are closed suggesting sadness but it lips are very large. And the lips also stick out a lot.

  12. I liked the vase at 2:20 of the first video. The holes near the rim are a nice textural addition. It is well shaped, very smooth on the edges. Overall a very nice vase. My only problem with it is that the only interesting thing done with the shape was to make the top very wide and the neck very skinny.

    I also liked the drawing of the hooded figure at 2:47 of the first video. The use of shadows to create depth and texture displays a mastery in the 2d field. Also, the choice to use writing as part of the body of the figure is interesting. Perhaps this is related to the characteristics of the person. Maybe the figure depicted is a writer or journalist?

    Finally, I liked the painting at 2:29 of the second video. It uses very rich colors to the point of abstraction. However, the color choice could at the same time be very realistic considering the length of the shadows of the trees.

  13. One of my favorite art pieces was the very first one they showed at 0:25, the set of portraits. I loved the colors and the unexpected use of textures, the way the peoples personalities came through-everything. It was really unique. I liked the drawing of the girl at 2:02 in the first video because it looked like the artist spent a lot of time on it, and I just loved the angle and the way she was positioned. I thought it was a really nice composition. Another piece of work I liked was the dog made out of what looked like bones at 2:36. I thought it was really creative and I just liked it because it was different from a lot of the other work as well.

  14. I really liked the house at 1:53 in the second video because the it kind of built up from two sides and met in the middle and the house receded into the background.

    I enjoyed the animal type thing at 2:42 because it had a really cool pattern and it was not a defined animal so it was left up to the viewers interpretation. I was really glad that it was a sculpture and not a painting because the sculpture really captured the details of it far better.

    I really liked the piece at 2:55 of the first video of outstretched arms, palms up, with symbols and writing all over them. Below them are bandaids and bandaid wrappers on top of more symbols and unrecognizable writing and symbols beneath it. The details in tis piece were remarkable, and the meaning was so powerful.

  15. I like the composition and colors used in the painting at 0:26 in the first video. Every is tinged with yellow, but with nice contrasting or complementary colors to make the figures pop. I also enjoy the expressions and body language of each person.

    What caught my eye at 4:31 (first video) was the intense zoom-in on the hair. I love the overlapping sections of the hair and how the shadows look. I also appreciate the format of the piece, with the vignettes on the side and the close up larger and more central.

    Lastly, I enjoyed 0:38 in the second video mostly because of the subject matter. I like the usage of gears and the intense expression on the figure’s face. Also, I like the delicate, subdued shadows.

  16. I liked the artwork at 46 second in the first video. The entire piece was down in a brown shading but the details and imagery really was distinguishable and the shading was quite amazing to be able to depict the woman. I also like the woman’s expression and her body language that helps show that she is scared or frightened by something, but the background gives no clue to what it is leaving us to imagine.

    I also liked the drawing at 2:02 in the first video. The woman was very detailed and even the ripples in her clothes seemed realistic. I also like the detail in the hair and it was laying everywhere and untidy. I like art that is well done but the subject isn’t. Like an organized drawing of something unorganized.

    The shirt at 3:37 was also really stunning. The ripples and creases really created a dynamic, realistic, and messy shirt. The blue’s and shades of it were really detailed and carefully done to create a lot of depth.

  17. One painting in the first video is of a battered-looking dress covered in tags. I liked how the artist juxtaposed the hazy, swirling background with the highly detailed dress. I also liked the attention to detail, like how the dress sags slightly off one shoulder. Another painting I liked depicted several hands reaching out to each other, surrounded by ribbons that blended in with the background. I really liked how the artist put the effort in to give each hand a distinct look, and how the ribbons seemed to be binding them together. I also really liked the painting of the girl squishing her face against the mirror, mostly for the amusement of such a silly behavior being captured in such an intimate way, but also for the way the painting gives off a split persona type vibe when comparing the back of the girl’s head to her face in the mirror

  18. 1) I liked the pot with all the holes in. It just made me think how much precision the artist must have had to be able to make those holes in the top without crumpling the rest of the piece. They must have been really talented.

    2) The one with all the hands. I thought it was not only shaded gorgeously, but it was also super realistic, despite it being about nothing that could ever happen. It’s one of those things that you see and it looks so real you almost don’t question whether it is or not for a second. It was also amazing to see how much was going on and that they were able to keep track of all that chaos.

    3) The barn with the sunlight in the back was another one of my favourites. It looked like a real photograph–was it? I honestly couldn’t tell. But I thought it was really amazing how the barn, or whatever structure it was, was broken down and degraded, but the sun still shone out through the clouds. It was a sad image but also full of hope, you know?

  19. 1. My favorite one is about one sexy one-piece that handing on a hanger. And the interesting point is there are many label bags. What’s more, the surrounding is pretty dark, but there is light from right side that shine on the dress which makes it looks like more beautiful.

    2. The one I also like is one special necklace that made by eggshells. And the eggshells are made by various shapes so that when the moment they are put together, they are full of beauty.

    3. I like the one that includes three naked girl who show their back to us. In my opinion, i think this painting represents the nature of female bodies. And these three girls all have the different shapes of their haircut which reflects their different individual characters although they are all girls. Besides, the painter only simply use the pencil for the shadow and lightness to show the human nature.

  20. I liked:
    1) A piece from the first video (1:49) where there is a girl in a orange dress kind of twirling or spinning around. I just think that it is very beautiful, both in the colors, the idea of it and the meaning, and also the way it is made with the lighting and all..
    2) Another piece from the first video (1:06) with the pills and the injector thing just because I thought it was a good idea to have the pills with cows inside them. I might be way overanalizing this, but in a way it could mean that you take the pill and you turn into a cow (like in that a cow is a mean or gross person). I also just think that it is pretty in a way, even though thinking about what it actually is isn’t. 3) Lastly, an artwork from the second video. I really liked the piece (0:38) with a guy where you can see that his brain is like wheels or like twisty things from mecanical stuff (i am not sure what they are called) are turning, as if that is how he is working. I am not completely sure why I like this artpiece so much, but for some reason it just really drew my attention to it. Also, I think it might be because I have done a drawing very similar to it a while ago in class.

  21. My three favorite pieces are all extremely different.
    1. The painting of the young African American woman pushing her arms out to shield herself. I like it because you can really see the distress on the young woman’s face. Even though it is just a painting, you still feel sympathy for her.
    2. I also really like the stacked pencil sculpture. It was just so simple. No huge statement, just a little art.
    3. Lastly I really liked the piece that is the silhouette of a male, in which many one word insults are written. I thought the way all the words were facing different ways, it really represented how the person’s insides were going insane.

  22. (Art League Substitute Blog Comment)

    From the first video I REALLY liked a piece about 33 seconds in , some kind of black and white drawing or design that is really cool. I judge paintings on effective use of color (perhaps even if color is necessary or not) as well as detail and overall effect on what I see. When I see this, I immediately think it’s really cool and well done. I also like the piece at 2:31 because of its effect and simplicity. I like what it looks like overall and it isn’t trying to be some super meaningful thing, just nice looking art. At 3:55 if that is not a photograph I am astounded at the detail of it, and the overall aesthetic and cool idea that it has, the glasses are a cool effect on the subject.

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