Photo – Emmet Gowen




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  1. I thought this was actually very interesting…I liked how he tried to basically preserve the forward movement of time as opposed to capturing one time in life as a single time in his family’s life. He has really nice ways of describing his job as an artist. I like how he said that we think things are too personal but really we never get to whats really personal because we don’t even know ourselves really. I love this outlook. As a society we really shut out ideas because of our mannerisms and we mindlessly choose not to get to know ourselves better. Also many of his pictures are very beautiful..I love the photo of the dead grandmother in the caskette…it really goes places most vingnette dare to go… I also like the photo of his wife in the forest…It was interesting how it was kind of a vignette but with free hand dodging.

    • You picked up some great ideas about the importance of allusions to time present and past in his work. It sounds like his ideas will inspire you to look at personal mannerisms in people and how they, with body language, reveal things about a person. Some of the best photographers are the best observers of human nature and interaction.

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