Art 3 – Non-objective abstraction Due 3/5 and 3/14


Look at the work at the non-objective designs at the following website and see it any of the designs have aesthetic appeal and try to figure out what attracts you the most and the least.  Comment on which of the formal elements and principles are the most important for you?

Christopher Goodwin art

Read Malevich’s Suprematist Manifesto (midpage) and discuss it. Comment on what makes sense, what doesn’t.  Could you apply ideas like this to your abstractions?

Malevich’s Suprematism Manifesto

Comment about your ideas and intentions before you start and add another comment about the process, your struggles, and how you resolved them after completion.


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  1. I think what attracts me most is the way the lines break up the space as well as the colors and the way that they don’t exactly remind me of anything tangible…It is “feeling” as Malevich describes. I think it makes sense that he tries to stray from things that our brains identify with tangible things. However he says that his art is pure feeling and I see what he means but at the same time, I think people could express pure feeling not using geometric shapes. In fact, Geometric shapes in my opinion have a stronger connection to the world around us that just color or even a solid surface of color. There Are many different ways to express emotion and i think it is a bit too confining to use geometric shapes to do so. Also I realized at the beginning there was a painting that looked a lot like a person which is kind of going against what he set out to do. I think in my art, I am going to convey emotion in more of a similar way to Christopher Goodwin’s art by simply breaking up space and using color.

  2. I like lines that flow together and then end by fading into the background. It makes me think of water. I also like lines that cross each other randomly and erratically. It creates a sense of controlled chaos that is really awesome. There’s one painting that has an hourglass shape and a triangle that makes the negative space that looks interesting, like fire. I don’t really like the ones that are just big squares or lines cut into smaller squares. They just seem a bit cliché to me.

    Malevich’s Suprematism Manifesto was interesting. I’m not sure I understood it all. The main point, to me, was that art is feeling, which I completely agree with. It’s not just copying something down; you can use photographs for that. It’s something more; it goes further, deeper. It’s like you’re trying to capture the object’s soul.

    In my piece, I want to create an aura of peace being shattered. The colors I’ve started with are cools (blue, green, and blue-green), but I plan to use vibrant reds and oranges ripping through that like fire. It should be fun.

  3. Christopher Goodwin:
    I think what attracts me most is the use of intense colors. I also really enjoy the simplicity of the artwork. I think it makes it easier to focus on the composition as a whole rather than specific parts of the piece. I dislike, however, when the art is TOO simple, which is the case a lot of the time. I think it is important to shade and have a good use of space.

    Malevich’s Suprematism Manifesto:
    The idea of Suprematism manifesto makes perfect sense to me. I like the idea of taking non-objective shapes and creating a piece with no meaning on the outside but makes the audience feel different emotions, “It reaches a “desert” in which nothing can be perceived but feeling.” Although I understand the concept, I personally do not love the style of art. Again, many of this art is too simple for my taste

    For my project I plan on painting something like Goodwin. Probably one of his pieces that is more complicated. For me, the more that is happening the more feelings the piece evokes. But also not too many things! (Otherwise it’s overwhelming).

  4. Christopher Goodwin’s work intrigues me because I’m not usually a fan of abstract/cubism type art, but his shapes and lines seem to be like objects under a microscope. I really like his use of grids and cubes to create works that almost look like enlarged cells or corners. Also, is variety of color and shape in his pieces help each form stand out- he even creates random shadow to create depth. I really like the piece that was all red, like a grid of squares, but with a flash of another color. I hope to include his ideas in my work as well.
    I love the idea that Suprematism is “pure artistic feeling” rather than depicting a certain object or theme. Maybe adding a story or unknown meaning behind my art will help me gain this idea, that it doesnt have to actually realistically represent anything. I think Malevich makes good points on what abstract art is: “…the summit of abstract art by denying objective representation. Infinity, eternity, God, zero of form, the void, blissful sense of liberating non-objectivity, pure art, supremacy of pure feeling, spirit of sensation which pervades everything…”

    I hope to keep the abstract mindset of Malevich and include artistic techniques that Goodwin uses. I’m not sure what I want to make yet, so we’ll see how this goes…I just need to keep my mind open and away from the realism I’m used to

  5. My favorites of the art were the really simplistic ones that were all linear and pale-ish. I don’t like abstract art much either but that style is just nice to look at. I think the most important principle would be color. I think it’s important to work within a color palette so there’s a flow but in some of his pieces the palette would be really light, creme, light blues, pinks and then there would be a thick black line running down the middle which, to me, was cool because it totally interrupted my train of thought and how I viewed the piece.
    I agree what most everybody else has said about Malevich’s Manifesto. That it’s about feeling and putting that feeling in front of other people who interpret it into their own emotions, what relates to them. I thought about Cindy Sherman who’s a photographer and had a show in San Francisco over the summer because she had one thing of photographs that were very cinematic, of people in the process of doing ordinary things and then she would have entire character bios for them with childhoods and careers and families and etc. It was so cool, I loved it.
    My intentions… I’m not really sure, I guess I know somewhat of what I want it to look like but then I think about having a reason behind the art and I can’t think of anything that would influence the direction of it. Without a reason, for pure aesthetic taste, I want it to look clean and not busy.

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