Art 1 – Surreal Perspective – due 1/14


With your next project in mind, to create your own surreal, dreamlike world through perspective, look at the 5 following links and comment on what  image interests you at each link. Comment on one image at each of the 5 sites and  for each make observations about: a) the technical aspects of making a surreal scene (interior, building, etc.) and, b) the emotional effect. (Note, the modern architecture at the last site is not surreal but some of the buildings are so unusual, they inspire the imagination. Comment on the technical feats and the resultant emotional effect.)

Surreal Interiors

Surreal Architecture

Flying Houses

Victor Enrich architectural images

Modern Architecture

For your sketchbook, spend an hour planning your surreal perspective drawing with a variety sketches, ideas, plans, and thumbnails.  Visually brainstorm so you can start your project in class on Monday.

The final drawing needs to show a building, exterior or interior, in perspective with a surrealist component, to create an emotional, imaginative, fantastical, or ridiculous effect. If your building is in one point perspective, you need to have something in the drawing showing 2 point perspective (i.e. floating mailbox or chair.)

Some standards for a surrealist effect: change of scale, context, change of physical characteristics.

The drawing will be finished with full shading in black and white and color, for expressive effect.


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  1. 1. I like the room with weird objects and black spots on white base color. It looks very modern and stylish with the simple color cooperation.
    2. I like the grey building with four fake windows and two real windows. The comparison of real and fake greatly impressed me.
    3.That flying building looks like an old house from last century, but it still cool and there is a cool drawing of a man on the wall.
    4.I really like the crook building which has a shape of handgun, it reminds me of a building in my hometown looks like a lying handgun. The red margin increases the artistry quality,
    5. I like the building looks like a crystal, the wall of the building is so polish. In the daytime, the reflection of different angles makes it flourish.

  2. 1. I liked the fifth one, especially the way the columns are giant chair legs, the lamps are giant bells, and there might or might not be a tablecloth involved.
    2. Strange Window grabbed my attention. Skyscraper windows are normally so neat and orderly, but when one window is tilted just a little, it looks all wrong.
    3. The floating trailer was my favorite. While all the others where tethered down, the trailer wasn’t. It was floating free, like it is in real life, moveable and impermanent.
    4. I liked the building that had had it’s outside staircase pulled off, as it were. It reminded me of the edging coming off a ribbon.
    5. I liked the ninth one. The way it twisted like a double helix. Like DNA.

  3. 1. I like the ninth with the large chairs. The large chairs make a person feel small. In a way they take control away from a person. Everything in the room is overly big.
    2.The red room with lots of stairs grabbed my attention because you have to look at it for awhile to unerstand how things are working. The stairs at first look flat but then you keep looking and there is dimension. It causes you to really think about the room.
    3. The second house, that is just normal caught my eye because it just a normal house. It doesn’t have any specail thing added to it like the other. All of them are not free in the air except the trailer. It is showing that even in the air there are still string attached.
    4.I like the ninth one with all the levels coming out of the building. I like that one because it reminds me of Medusa with all the snakes coming out of her head. That to me shows danger.
    4.I like the fifth one the stairs remind me of the path to heaven. They are leading people to happiness.

  4. 1. I like the picture with the trees coming out of the chairs and table. I think that it’s interesting because of the difference between the clean modern day house and the dirty trees. It makes me feel like I’m in another reality.
    2. I like the one picture with the the building curving into an “L” shape. It’s interesting to see it because just soo odd the other pictures are of things that you see more often than the curving building.
    3. The one painting with the radio tower and macdonalds sign really intriges me because there is so many different aspects to it. The artist threw in what looks like some random stuff and throws it together but makes it look really cool.
    4. The most impresseve one, to me, is the tanish building with slides. The slides work well into the picturee even though if someone randomly metioned it to me in real life i would think that it would look stupid. But it doesn’t
    5. for the last one the spirrel building looks really cool becasue it looks like there’s a giant spout of water coming out the ground.

  5. 1) The last photo was my favorite. It had an interesting spiral stare case with a door leading to it that made it look like it belonged outside. I also appreciated that color scheme of the room. The white, salmon, and dark stained wood give the foom a fun yet serious personality. The giant golden apple in the middle of the room reminded me of the greek myth, where the goddesses have a beauty contest. The room reminds me of that story and makes me wonder wherther the person who desighned it had that myth in mind.
    2) I found the asian looking temple/mansion built out of the rock the most impossibel and visually pleasing. Its just so impossible.
    3)I thought the coolest was the one where the upsidedown house was positioned inbetween the two right side up houses. Because there are two normal looking houses on either side of the surreal one, the surreal one appears to be real.
    5)modern archetecture. My favorite was the Mode-Gakven spiral towers in Nagoya Japan. I think its so cool that buildings can be functional and beautiful and the same time. How did that make that building stay up?!

  6. 1) The use of light and dark in the picture with the trees accentuates the dark and twisted branches. Also, the use of parallel lines in juxtaposition with color adds more accentuation. Unfortunately, all the different lines in the picture defeats and attempt to focus on one aspect of the picture seeing as the attention of the looker is constantly being redirected. The twisted shapes in the picture also put me on edge a little.
    2) La Muralla Roja – 1973, Calpe, Alicante, Spain: I really like this picture because of the camera angle. I like pictures that are aesthetically pleasing. I like pictures that don’t neccesarily embody a concept, they are just pretty. The use of red as a background in this picture highlights the doorways.
    3) I like the trailer picture. All the lines lead to the doorway. This makes the child standing in a trailer in the sky the centre of attention. Maybe, embodying the idea that even if the child comes from a trailer the flies he’s still more important than the flying trailer? Deep.
    4) On the fourth on I like the building that is balanced on top of a platform. The eye is lead to consider the background, a desert. The building is an island. I also really like the color of the sky in this picture.
    5) Ah, modern architecture. Unfortunately I am not a fan of house that are made of glass. It’s a house, why would you want everyone looking in? << that's the one I like. It looks very clean.

  7. 1) I liked the tree branches coming up from the chairs, tables, and drawers from the first URL. I found it interesting, almost as if saying that even though the wood has been processed, here it’s returning to it’s natural state.
    2) I liked the rocket building waterfall, because I actually spent a considerable amount of time trying to figure out if it was in any way possible.
    3) I enjoyed the trailer with the clothes hanging on the line outside. It is a way of looking at the world as being below them because of the poverty of the father and child inside.
    4) I really like the building with the levels coming out of the building itself, almost as if the people inside are trying their hardest to get out or escape.
    5)I liked the 5/6 story buildings that look as if they could spell out words in a different language.

  8. 1) I found the bedroom scene with the floating fish quite interesting. The teal-grey tone of the bedroom makes the image almost somber, but the bright orange fish encroaching on the people in bed gives the image an amusing feel.
    2) I like the image “Castle in the Air” because the whole concept is wonderfully absurd. I also like how M.C. Escher used only black and white. It gives the castle an extraterrestrial feel.
    3) My favorite of the flying houses was the first one–the dingy apartment building with a drooping clothesline. I liked how the only blips of color were the clothes.
    4) The building that captured my attention was the building that receded backwards away from the sidewalk. Each level looks kind of like a backwards staircase, which I like. I also liked how you can peak through a tiny archway to see part of a yellow house behind.
    5) I liked the “Dancing House” in Prague. I find it interesting how human-shaped the buildings are. I also like the off-kilter placement of the windows. It seems like the architect had a good sense of humor.

  9. in the first link I was intrigued by the room that looked like a fishtank. It looks as though the fish are actually swimming around because they hung them from the ceiling. The blue of the room and the life like fish make it seem as though the people are inside the fishes room instead of vice versa. In the second link I liked the photo where the windows are curling upwards at the top of the building. It was probably difficult building and designing it because of the balance of the windows that are being pushes outwards and upwards. It shows that buildings are not always perfectly rectangular and symmetrical and the many directions of the windows seem frantic. I like the floating trailer in the third link. It looks nice how she paired the trailer with a background that is the same color. The smiling people inside of it make it seem like floating in the air is something that is normally done. I like the Victor Einrich buildings that look like tubes bending over. It seems like there are still offices where it is vertical to the ground. It looks like the building was built like any other building and then stretched and twisted at the top. The building on looks like there are panels on the sides that were shaped as though the building was sliced up. The uneven panels make it seem like the building is actually cut up.

  10. 1) I like the pictures of the trees growing out of the furniture. It would be easy to make I suppose, all wooden things, including furniture are made of trees. It makes us realize how much we as humans depend on killing and using other living things to survive. Everything from tables to desks to chairs to eaven the houses we use for shelter are made up of the dead plants we call trees. Its a humbling thought.

    2) I like the picture entitled “strange window.” It would be very easy to make, just design a slightly tilted window, however it seems so strange and out of the ordinary. That is because people like symetrical things, things that look the same on both sides. Because of this architects tend to design buildings that look symetrical. Gorege Washington eaven had a fake window installed on one side of his house to make it look more symetrical. Because of this fact a house with windows that are so clearly not symetrical looks strange and sureal to us.

    3) I am interested in the picture of the flying house on fire with the ladder broken. Of course it is impossible that this could happen, houses like that cant fly, at least not yet, but the message is clear. The picture is compleatly devoid of hope, the small bird in its cage and anyone else in that house is doomed to die in one of two possible ways. Eyether they will burn to death in the fire, or fall to there death trying to escape from it. Eather way there dead, theres no escape, no way out no hope. It shows our own terrible mortality and ultiment destiny, we will all die. It is one of the saddest most painful pictures.

    4) I like the picture where the windows on the skyscraper explode from the building like spagetie. It is of course imposoble, there is not a strong enough material to make such protuberinces without suppoprt. Anyway I like it because it is like the inside of the building is exploding out, showing the world whats on the inside.

    5) I like modern architecture, with new materials like reineforced concreat, mass produced stainles steel and plexi glass more extream buildings are posseble. These extreem buildings are the actuly possible counterparts of the sureal buildings in the pictures. They don’t realy have a meaning, like other buildings they surve a pourpous and nothing more. But they shure look cool

  11. 1) The blue room full of fish really struck me. I’m not commenting on it because I liked it. In fact, it scared me. My first thoughts when I saw it were of the Titanic and the 1514 passengers that sank five miles under water with her.
    2) I like the things with multiple sides to the staircases and the floor could be the ceiling. They remind me of Labyrinth. Of course the concept is totally impossible to realize but it’s still fun to think about.
    3) Things like this also tend to freak me out a little bit, mostly because the ground isn’t in the picture, but I really liked the house with the birds surrounding it. They somehow offer a bit of comfort for those who aren’t afraid of heights but are afraid of falling.
    4) I liked the one where the townhouse was on its side. Another fun concept. I wonder what the rooms in the house would be like. It seems like something you would find in some sort of amusement park.
    5) I don’t think I could say that there was a particular image that I found interesting but there were some things that they had in common that intrigued me. First, I noticed that a lot of these remind me of futuristic buildings from the fifties. Anyway, I don’t particularly like modern architecture. I prefer castles and places with hidden dungeons and trap doors. But I also thing walls made of glass are cool as long as you’re not in a big city where people will be looking in all the time. There are a lot of wonderfully bendy structures that look impossible and some things that even look like bugs. It all gives me the feeling of fearing the unknown but at the same time it’s kind of interesting.

  12. 1. The room I liked the most was the blue room with the orange fish. The way all the fish were positioned to be going towards him made me feel like he was me surrounded and it was kind of stressful. On the other hand the ocean is something I find very calming and so the theme was a little odd for me to feel.
    2. In the architecture one, my favorite was the chairs piled between the two buildings. This one was the most interesting to me because of all the stories people could come up with about the reasoning for this. It also reminded me of a scene from Les Mis, but that’s irrelevant. It made me wonder if someone specifically put all those chairs there for the shoot, or if they were already there.
    3. Flying houses was my favorite of all the websites. The house I liked the most was the one from the movie “The Red Balloon”. I liked it because it made me think that if the boy had of been lifted into the air from the very beginning, things would have been a lot simper throughout the entire movie. The house just made me happy.
    4. I wasn’t too fond of any of these buildings, but if I had to pick it would be the one with the slides going down to the street. Working there would be fun, not having to walk down so many stairs to get out I’d imagine.
    5. I really don’t like modern architecture because it’s very cold and there’s a lot of clean lines and empty space. It makes me kind of nauseas.

  13. 1. I like the 9th picture because of the large chairs and it kind of reminded me of a crazy I spy book I used to have.
    2. I really liked the chairs between the two building because it looked like it was meant to be there especially because of the guy walking by and not even looking at it.
    3. I really liked the picture of the burning house because even though it was flying it seemed so real and dangerous.
    4. I really liked the picture of the building with the spaghetti type things coming out of the top because it was a really funny thing to do int the middle of a city.
    5. I really liked the spiral one that looks like it is shooting out of the ground like a huge worm type thing.

  14. 1. My favorite one is the blue one with the fish. Firstly, and more technically, I think that the blue-on-orange made it already pretty surreal. Mostly because the blue is more pastel, and then suddenly there is a popping orange on the page that makes you go “woah! that’s not normal, is it?” The way that everything in room is colored the same blue gives off a sad feel, but the fish sort of feel like the dreams of the people in the room surrounding them. So it’s not just surreal, it’s dreamlike!
    2. The one of a house built on a rock is the most interesting to me. At the bottom there’s this arch and the rock looks broken, which makes you wonder what the full castle was like. It sort of probes at the imagination, which I like.
    3. I really enjoy the circus tent one because the title is “Flying Houses,” and they consider that a home. I think it’s nice because for some people, it is their home.
    4. My favorite one is this set is the building behind the parking lot, which sort of looks like a tetris piece. That was fun because it made you think that life is just a giant game! Wouldn’t that be fun? It makes your imagination get away from you.
    5. One of these is practically made of all glass, and you can barely see the little seams that hold them together. It was interesting to think how it was done, and sometimes it’s so unbelievable that you wonder if it’s even real. But I guess that’s what surreal means!

  15. 1. The pastel blue room with the fish. Colors and paper fish were used to create an the vibe of a vintage Nation Geographic underwater photograph or even a collage.
    2. It was a hard choice, but I really enjoyed the water tower turned london residence art house, with it’s simple yet impactful geometry, interior design (fantastic on its own), and the contrast of the modern home on the Victorian structure it was built on. “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t shower during daylight”
    3. I enjoy this set of images as a whole and how the artist made a point of encompassing buildings from all walks of life, but the Jupiter Hotel Cafe building struck me the most, as is it captured the essence of the decayed building of a seemingly ambitious establishment, with some fun little street art outside as a bonus.
    4. I enjoyed the seemingly flipped or tumbled building in between two other houses in what seemed like a usual generic housing development. It’s also the only one that I would bet money on being real.
    5. It didn’t really seem like there was a tremendous amount of actual originality overall, seemingly just being buildings with glass walls and striking geometry, jutting off at odd angles, with waterslidish offshoots here and there. My favorite was probably a nostalgic looking concept sketched out of a modern twist on nostalgic, retrofuturistic “space age” architecture.

  16. 1. I liked the interior with the branches in it. I thought it added a twisted, modern but wild effect where the two worlds of nature and technology combined.

    2. I liked the flying trailer and its sympathetic outlook on the issue of poverty. The grocery cart and young child standing in the doorway as though looking out onto a world that he feels like he can’t fit into is really moving to me, partially because I love artwork that matters.

    3. I liked the house built into the rock protruding from the water. Its asian feeling and the physical impossibility of it fascinated me. At the same time, it has a natural feeling to it, a sort of false serenity, as though the house could crumble into the ocean at any minute.

    4. I liked the half bent over building on the fourth site due to its action, again with the sense of disaster that accompanies its tilting shape. Even though no action took place in the artwork, it still appeared as though it was: a building suspended halfway between falling and standing.

    5. The first photo. I like the use of reflection here.

  17. 1. My favorite one is the one called “sakasa-Japan”. There is a house which is pink roof. This house was reversed, so that its one side of the pink roof touched the ground. And the door to come in was on the other side of the pink roof. I can’t imagine what does inside look like…
    2. I really like the one there are 1550 chairs stacked between two buildings. That’s so cool. These chairs could just stack there one by one.
    3. I like one that is in the “Filying house”. There is one truck in the sky, and there are one man and one kid in the truck. Also, there are many clothes hanging outside the truck. It seems like this man and this kid just live in the truck in the sky…
    4. I prefer the one that is a restaurant, which there is a half part of woman’s body comes out from the ceiling. And this half part of woman’s body is yellow, and on her feet, she even wears one a high-heeled shoes. And this is a little bit creepy…
    5. I like one that is a living room. The bed is really special. I think the sheet on this bed was created by the rose shape. Because it just like there are many many red rose petals on the bed. And there are some on the light. I really like the color combination–white and dark red. This makes the room more romantic.

  18. In the first one i enjoyed the fish bowl room. the blue and orange contrast to make a pop but the people in a way blend with the fish. it is a humorous way of showing a lack of privacy in a room like a fish bowl.
    In the second link i enjoyed the tree room. the interwinding of branches made it less completely angular and different from a lot of the others. The branches made the room feel ominous as well as the dimmer lighting
    In the third i thought the trailer in the sky was cool. the fact that it was flying made it look very light and happy although in such an impoverished place, maybe cant even afford the ground.
    In link #4 i like the building where the windows were reaching for the sky, architecturally it was a cool was of exploring directions and different places in your eve level. emotionally it was hopeful and resembled flowers reaching for sunlight.
    5 i liked the architecture resembling a person. thought the placement of the windows was interesting and the place itself was happy.

  19. 1. The 7th one with the couple in a blue room with fish is very compelling. It’s like they are in a fishbowl, trapped within a tiny world that only they inhabit.

    2. I love the one in bucharest with a glass and steel building stacked on top of a brick one. It seems to symbolize how modernity has overtaken the old and sometimes more beautiful.

    3. My favorite is the flying circus. It reminds of the flying trapeze and I like how all the pictures are still connected by something

    4. I like the one with slides coming out of a white building. It challenges our conception of what is normal, plus it looks like fun.

    5. The Hermeroscopium House is very cool. It balances giant industrial beams to create a surreal effect. One beam with hollow and filled with water to create a long swimming pool.

  20. 1. I really like the bed that’s covered in rose pedals (and the red chair across from it). It’s a pretty obvious message, but I like it’s minimalist-esque look, which I feel really emphasizes its low-key-but-still-romantic feel.

    2. The “rocket building” caught my eye immediately, just for how bizarre it is to see a house seemingly suspended in air, especially with the waterfall. How do you get up there?

    3. This was a really cool website with tons of awesome looking houses, but I think my favorite was probably the least crazy one. The one 2nd from the top (basically looks like what a 6-year old rendition of a house) made me think of a bird house, so simple but elegant.

    4. The building where the windows start popping out (not unlike one would imagine eye balls to pop out of one’s skull) is incredible. I love how the bottom two thirds is very uniform and then it just explodes, as if it is in motion.

    5. There is a picture of a building so smooth and shiny it doesn’t look real, more like a set piece in a sci-fi movie. It slithers like a snake from bottom to top, and while the width stays the same (generally) it seems like it changes throughout the building.

  21. 1. I liked the picture of the diner with the legs coming through the ceiling. The technical aspect that makes it surreal is the fact that there is a person coming through the ceiling. It has a very humorous and lighthearted feeling because the legs are yellow and wearing a skirt.
    2. I have seen the picture ‘living on the rocks’ before, and i really love it because it looks like it would be the most breathtaking place to explore.
    3. I really loved the first one because it looked so quait with the laundry hung underneath and all over the house.
    4. The building that really struck me was the one of the building best over near the parking lot. I didn’t like this one, but it struck me because when you first look at it, it just looks like a bent over building, but when you look closer, it looks like a gun aiming to shoot.
    5. The picture that stood out was the spiralling mirrored building. It looked like a shiny new drill coming up out of the ground.

  22. Picture 8: I liked how the bowling pin shaped objects and the depth of the room make it difficult to determine the size of the room. The lights overhead that are camouflaged by the polka dots are the only characteristic that shows how big the room is.

    4th picture to the right: The red staircases reminded me of the stairways in Harry Potter. They seem almost magical is the stairways get higher and spread out from the middle. I also like how the shading and how it ranges from very dark in the doorways to bright on the walls nearest the viewer.

    Picture 6: The perspective on the bottom of the house show that the viewer is flying at almost the same height as the house. The house itself is very eerie. The flying crows and the covered windows seem suspicious.

    Picture 5: The two point perspective on the building in the back makes it appear to rise upward and lean back. The building doesn’t seem as real and it appears to be stretched in the front as if the perspective is distorted.

    6th picture to the right: This two point perspective on the wing of the building creates great depth and makes the building look magnificent.

  23. 1. I liked the 2nd one because of its incorporation of both nature and industrial/modern ideas, with the trees making up the table.
    2. I liked the 2nd one down on the far left because of the way it bent a shape that you would normally think of as being sturdy and rigid.
    3. This link wouldn’t load for me
    4. I liked the 3rd one because, again, it was a traditionally rigid and sturdy object being bent and curved.
    5. I liked the 4th picture from the left in the 1st row because the building is so industrial and sharp-edged while it’s placed in such a serene and nature-like setting.

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