Art 1 – Due 12/10


1. Go to the site below and watch the first two videos and comment on what is remarkable about this girl and comment on the importance on her contribution to the schools and  to the homeless children in her area.

The Traveling Canvas

2. Go to the following site and choose three aspects of the arts that are especially important to you and explain why these three are important to your education in terms of your intellectual and your artistic growth. (Be sure to also read the additional comments individuals have added about why art matters to them.)

Why Art Matters

3. Re-do one of your sketchbook drawings in a way that demonstrates your growth and new interests. (Think about using different media, techniques, size, shading, contrast, distortion, etc.)


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  1. 1. I was truly inspired by Tae Tae. What she did by raising $32,000 worth of art supplies for her school and hosting the painting parties for the homeless children in her area is truly remarkable. I remember when I was her age (in sixth grade, not eighth), I did a huge act of community service by fundraising for an orphanages in Bulgaria, and I raised a few thousand dollars, but it was mostly parent-driven. The fact that this is her own desire and her parents aren’t showing her what to help with is incredible.

    2. My three favourite are : “Art matters because it helps to keep us sane in a crazy world.” because I find it so true. When I sit down and listen to some music and just draw in my private sketchbook I feel better in the matter of an hour. “…it is a reflection of our personalities, dreams, defeats, and triumphs” because I find it true that I enjoy drawing something that matters to me, it turns out better. Lastly, “…it increases self-confidence”. I don’t know why it’s true but it is.

  2. 1. Tae Tae’s story inspired me for a number of reasons. She was a young girl with a dream and she made that dream a reality. Writing letters, reaching out to the community and dedicating her time all for the good of other people-thats a lot of effort to put into anything, and the fact she put it towards a nonprofit was just really…amazing. I also loved her artwork,maybe in the future she could sell some of the pieces and donate the money to her organization.

    2. My favorite reasons listed about why art is important were “It makes us human”, “it is a reflection of our personalities, dreams, defeats and triumphs”, and “it saves our sanity when we are in great need”. Those are the reasons most relevant to me because art is so different from all the other classes we have in school. Doing the art homework, or any art form like cooking gives me a break from all the other robotic tasks and let’s me breathe for a minute. I can express emotion or anything else I need to express through art and that’s why it’s important to me.

  3. I can see this girl really loves art or she will not put so much effort in saving her school’s art program. I am impressed by her great determination and execution. It is hard to image that a young girl has selfless spirit and is capable in socializing with companies to get support. Her effort is significant in saving the art education for youth in her area. She earns the opportunity for those kids who love art but are not capable to get education.

    My three favorites are “it defines cultures over the centuries”, “it inspires us” and “it fuels the imagination”. Because every culture has a different system of art, it is interesting to investigate those arts work. For example, I like both chinese and western art, though they are very different. In addition, art work definitely inspires us, good art work gives people motion contact and creating art fuels people’s imagination.

  4. This girl is protecting a dying sense of creativity in our culture struggling to survive under an analytically pressured school system. Schools make the assumption that art isn’t as important as life skills such as math and science, all of the things that create a strong and intellectual, left brain centric society. What I find so fascinating is her attempts to deal with this problem rather than let it float past as she cultivates her love of art in another manner. I had no art classes all the way through elementary school and always believed that this was an ordinary thing: that art was something you had to concentrate outside of school. She is giving children the chance to do something I never got to do, which was play with art supplies and bring life to a school day.

    To me, art is a way to understand the world I live in and analyze things in an abstract. It allows me to think things over and crystallize the things I didn’t understand previously. Art is a meditative process to me. One other thing I find important about art is the way that it shows you a window into someone’s personality and life, even the darkest corners of themselves they would never show anyone otherwise, without dispersing too much personal information. Even while expressing emotions the subtlety provokes emotions but does not necessarily show others everything about ourselves. It’s an outlet, sort of like a diary, but that everyone can read. The third aspect to art that I find important is that it gives us motivation for our everyday lives, like a square of chocolate delivered after dinner. Our lives being so difficult, art is a way of escaping things temporarily without doing any real damage.

  5. I found Davis quite inspirational. Not only did she advocate selflessly for art programs in her school, she also brought art to underprivileged kids. Art is wonderful because it allows for so much self-expression, and everyone should have the opportunity to partake in artistic endeavors. I admire how Tae Tae recognized this and successfully gained support.

    I believe art is important because “it defines culture over the centuries,” “it increases self-confidence,” and “it fuels the imagination.” Firstly, art reveals multitudes about the culture and political happenings of the time period through the artist’s filter (which adds a whole new level of complexity). Secondly, creating art is rather therapeutic because it’s an outlet for limitless self-expression. Lastly, I believe art sparks my imagination–not just by looking at my own art, but also by viewing the works of others.

  6. 1 ) I thought Tae Tae was very inspiring. I find her whole story incredible. She was only 12 years old when she started her own non profit organization. She was completely self motivated when she wrote 50 letters to businesses all over the country asking for donations for her schools under funded art program. Office Max alone donated $1000. She also threw painting parties for the homeless and children in orphanages. She truly cared.


    • 2) To me, the three most important aspects of art are: makes us human, reflects our personalities and fuels the imagination. I chose these three because I think that ar is what makes us human. If we had on way to express overselfs we would essentially be sad emotionless beings. When we create we pour our souls into whatever we are doing and without the outlet for our emotions that art provides we would all be a reck with no way to express ourselves. We let our inagination soar when we creat art and imagination is one of the main atributes that makes us human.

  7. 1) The girl was very inspirational. She is young and still made a huge difference in the world. She had a dream and she went for it. I think she is a great role model for all kids becasue they can look up at her and realize that they can do anything. She is also a very creative artist. Her paintings really express something new. And the fact that she is sharing her creativity with other is even better.

    2)My three favorite reasons that art matters is “it increases self-confidence”, “it fuels the imagination”, and “it is a reflection of our personalities, dreams, defeats, and triumphs”.
    Art really does increase self-confindence becasue when someone looks at your art and it sends a message to them and the message really touches their life it makes the artist feel like they did something important. And that increases self confidence. Art really does fuel the imagination because an artist can draw or paint what ever they feel. It doesn’t have to be realistic so then it gets you creative juices flowing. And the last one art really does reflection something about a person. Art for some people is a way to talk without having to talk out loud.

  8. Taetae’s story was inspirational in the impact a fearless 12-year old has versus the impact millions of adults don’t have because they’re worried they’d be the only one/already have a bias against their own cause that it wouldn’t succeed. She’s a bright, intelligent, creative young kid who isn’t afraid to be herself, and that is something much better to look up to than a conceited, opulently wealthy 17 year old from the Disney Channel.

    My top three reasons to why art matters is it’s impact on the brain (it opens new pathways, forces it to see things from new perspectives, provides mental exercise, and provides quantifiable stimulation even when art isn’t being partaken in at that very moment), that art can help an individual have something to be proud of, and a form of self expression. Teenagers often have a difficult time expressing/identifying their emotions,, so art provides an outlet and oasis in a culture where expressing our emotions or having feelings/problems is somewhat frowned upon, which would fuel confidence and growth. Thirdly, art is in my opinion, a great way to keep the mind in the right place in a time where distraction rules king.

  9. 1. Its remarkable how generous Tae Tae Davis is and how much she cares about art. It is very kind of her to put so much work into something for other people especially because of her age. Because of her contribution, kids are able to learn about art and make art no matter how much money they have.
    2. I found that the most important aspects of art are it inspires us, it makes us human, and it fuels our imagination. These three are important because as long as you are inspired and imaginative you can learn new things.

  10. 1. Tae Tae Davis is an important girl for many reasons. I think the thing that stands out most is her love of art. But more importantly, the fact that her love of art extends out to help other, similar people. Although art is a very individualistic thing, Tae Tae used that energy to give other people who love art hope that they can do it even though they may not have all the means necessary. It is a kind thing that she did because hope is one of the best things that you can give a person, and she’s giving it to dozens of people, and she’s doing it a such a young age. Who knows what she’ll accomplish in her future!

    2. My three favourite reasons that art matters are: “It enlivens our senses,” “It fuels our imaginations,” and “It requires your undying commitment to insure it flourishes.”
    I think these are important because imaginations are one of the most important things a person can have. Sure, being smart is great, but what are you going to do with all that intelligence if you can’t imagine anything further than what your “amazing” brain has memorized? You need to be able to dream of new things. Our senses are something that need to be enlivened because the world is becoming more and more disconnected, and our senses are one of the only things that can get us back to our roots. Undying commitment teaches you how to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly to something, and not be discouraged or give up. It’s a very important life skill that everyone should learn at some point, and art is a wonderful way to do it.

  11. 1. I thought it was very inspirational how Tae Tae implemented a monthly art program at her local homeless shelter, especially because she is so young. I also thought it was thoughtful of her to want to paint with children in homeless shelters and hospitals.
    2. Personally I find that the most important advantages of art are that it reaches out to students who may not be engaged otherwise, it inspires us, and it fuels our imagination. I think all these aspects are important because they help us create a more aware and humane generation.

  12. 1. It’s really remarkable that she stood up and made her dream happen. Not many people do that, and her dream was to help others be creative and allow them to paint. Her story is very inspiring.

    2. The three reasons I chose are it is what makes us human, it increases self-confidence, and it inspires us. I choose them because the reflect that art resonantes with everyone and is an important part of life.

  13. Tae Tae is so remarkabel because at the age of thirteen, she saw a problem and wanted to solve it. Not only did she take this concept to heart, she acted upon it and made a difference in the lives of many. Many people find shelter in art and she provided that outlet for people to embrace. She also seems very comfortable with the reporter and shows a lot of maturity. Also, the fact that she convinces companies to multiple large companies to donate speaks to her eloquency.

    it defines cultures over the centuries: This is important to me because it reflects different aspects of society over different time periods, this gives me an idea of the ideas that were important at the time and gives me a deeper understanding of the culture.
    it builds communication skills: I can see how many people have trouble communicating their feelings would find solace in art. This is important to me as a person because I feel that my understanding of others can be deepened by art.

  14. What Tea Tea did was really impressive. She accomplished something at the age 12 that most adults can’t do. When the school had to made a budget cut and they took away art supplies, she raised 40,000 dollars worth of supplies, more than the art program had to begin with. She gave the homeless children who were interested in art a chance to come to her house and paint.

    Three aspects of art that is important to me are
    1. A very important way to be a good artist is have a good imagination. “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” -Albert Einstein
    2. Another good aspect of looking at art is that it improves the mind
    3. Some people don’t socialize well, or the don’t get to get out of the house very often and art is a good way to branch out to other people.

  15. This girl was amazing and the put her self out there so that the community could be better. I was surprised that so many people donated back when she wrote her letters but as they said it is hard to say no. She has a lot of guts and her parents must be very proud of her. I especially like that she got homeless people to come in draw because that was giving them a great chance that they had never had and might not have of had but they did, thanks to her.
    My three favorite sayings and what mean most to me are fuels imagination
    2.makes you feel alive makes us human

  16. Tae Tae is so remarkable because she had the initiative to try and change a problem she saw. Lets be honest, we all see people suffering from pretty big problems every day, from homeless people to alcoholics, and we don’t do anything about it. And you know what, most of us will never do anything about it, were to selfish or greedy or we manage to convince yourself these problems aren’t important if they don’t effect us. However Tea Tea wasn’t like that at all. She represents the selfless and compassionate minority of people that actually try and help people other than themselves. If a person like that sees a problem, there going to try and fix it, always expanding mammoth amounts of energy and time, all for the sake of others. This is why Tea Tea is remarkable, because she actually tried.

    Here are some of my favorite comments: “Making art is fun for artists.” It seems so self explanatory but if art wasn’t fun, would you still do it? “It raises test scores.” I’m skeptical about this one, its so obviously pandering to school administrators it hearts to read and there are no studies cited so that this “fact” could easily have been made up, however if it were true, it would be quite obvious how it would help my education. “It teaches us to think creatively (outside the box) which makes us better problem solvers.” This makes sense, the more creative you are, the better you will do at solving problems, and there is a lot of problem solving in an educational environment.

  17. Tae Tae seems like a very caring and considerate person who has been contributing to her community for several years through her passion for art. Not only is Tae Tae a good artist, but her love for art and her community has motivated her to start a non-profit organization that has raised thousands of dollars for her school and provided many opportunities for people to engage in art. One thing that inspired me, was that she hosted an event for homeless kids to come and have fun painting and drawing. These were random strangers to her and she did this out of her generosity.

    1) increases self-confidence
    2) teaches professionalism and responsibility
    3) is a reflection of our personalities, dreams, defeats, and triumphs

    Number 3 is really really important to me because art is one of the only things where people can express themselves truly.

  18. This girl is fairly inspiring. I believe that her dedication and hard work in able to supply these kids is incredible, although I do not so much see her as an inspiration. She is an incredible person, but think about all the help that people do in the middle east to give people places to live and peaceful homes, in respect to something like that, her work isn’t nearly as amazing. Now I do not mean to make light her accomplishments, they are astounding, but I don’t think they are as incredible as people see at first.

    1.…it fuels the imagination
    I personally find this beneficial because of how art is so dynamic. What I mean is that in a piece, any movement affects everything else you are doing, one stroke affects all others, and learning to control that is amazing, fueling you drive to create things you haven’t before.

    Sorry not to pick three, but other than that one I felt the rest were rather stereotypical and bland. A few that I personally feel are good are the ways in which art is like a treasure hunt. When you pick up a new medium or start a new project, you never know what you are going to find. You don’t know if you are going to like something or hate something. You never know whether you will work on it for hours or back out in ten minutes. It is an amazing trait that not many things have, and discovering things within your art is inspiring. Another is that art is both a skill and a gift. Someone can be gifted at art and make amazing things, but someone else could suck at it and have just as much fun by being creative and doing what they want to do with it.

  19. 1) Tae Tae’s story is inspiring because of what she did for art with art. For someone to get involved in a nonprofit organization, let alone found one at such a young age is remarkable. But there is still more work to be done, and I think we’re going to need a lot of Tae Taes to save the arts in the rest of the country.

    2) My favorite three are:
    1. It enriches our lives
    2. It defines cultures over the centuries
    3. It expands our perceptual capacity
    I think these three are important because art is meant to be an outward expression of the internal workings of oneself, including their emotions, concerns, cares, and aspirations. That probably sounds really trite, but it’s true. So I think that the development of the internal processes comes from their expression, which does in fact enrich your ability to feel, and therefore your life. Not sure why I logic’d (yes, logic’d) that one out, but it felt right.

    That’s all for this week, see y’all next time!

  20. Tae Tae is totally moved me. She is only 13 years old, but she have set up an organization to donate the money for the homeless children and aslo people need help. Besides, I really admire her, because she had a try, and she could use what she really loved, what she really enjoyed. I think that would make her feel more happy. And finally she succeed in this significant idea that she came up with. She raised $32,000 for the children who need help and who love Art. Moreover, from the video, we can see that when she had the activity for the homeless children; when the children were drawing, she was trying to encourage them–“Wow, that is so pretty”. She was trying to help them, support their dreams.

    My favorite three:
    1). it enriches our lives
    2). it inspires us
    3). it increases self-confidence
    There are the three I love and move me most. To be honest, I couldn’t imagine if there were no colors in the world… I think the colors and all kinds of interesting, meaningful and natural things combine to become the world. And also, individually, because the art exists, I’m able to find one thing that I love and I am good at. It makes me become more confident. And while I am doing Art, I could really calm down my mind and focus on that.

  21. Tae Tae saw a problem and instead of ignoring it, she took the initiative at only 13 years old to do something about it. By raising $32,000 for the arts she uplifted those around her. That level of precociousness and selflessness deserves praise, regardless of how successful she was.

    My favorite three are:

    1. it fuels the imagination
    2. it increases self-confidence
    3. it is what makes us human

    Humans are the only species that creates art. Creating art keeps us in touch with that side of ourselves. In viewing and creating art I find myself making connections into other areas, somehow it gives me new ideas and new confidence. As a medium for expressing yourself, art is unparalleled.

  22. It’s incredible to see a girl so young accomplish so much. Tae Tae’s passion for art is so strong, she took action where most kids her age would just move on. What she did may be on a small scale, but it’s clear that it made a big impact on those teachers and students.

    1.…it enriches our lives
    2. …it enlivens our senses
    3. …it defines cultures over the centuries

  23. First I was really inspired by TaeTae. What she did by raising $ 32,000 worth of art supplies for their school and hosting painting parties for homeless children in your neighborhood, is truly remarkable. I remember when I was her age (in the sixth grade, not the eighth), I made ​​a huge act of community service in getting to orphanages in Bulgaria, and I picked up a few thousand dollars, but it was mostly parent-driven it was her own desire and her parents does not appear to help with what is unbelievable.
    Second My three favorites are: “Art is important because it helps to keep us healthy in a crazy world.” Because I find that’s true. When I sit down and listen to some music and just draw in my private sketchbook feel better in a matter of hours. “… It’s a reflection of our personality, dreams, defeats, and triumphs,” because it seems to me that the truth that I am drawing something I enjoy, it turns out better. Finally, “… it increases self-confidence.” I do not know why this is true, but that’s it.

  24. she helped her community by making art more convenient for creative children. 1inspires us 2 free imagination and3 helps communication i like them because theyv are all intospective

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