Art 3 – Exploring mixed media – Due 12/4


Watch the 2 videos,  the blog on mixed media, and the google images on mixed media.  Post your responses to each and link to your favorite image. Explain why you like it and explain all of the techniques you are interested in trying.


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  1. I really liked both of these videos, especially the second one. Before watching them I hadn’t thought of building layers of different media on top of each other and the different textures that I could create. This really opens my mindset for the medium options in this project! I loved the last piece on the amiria blog- they way that the artist used newspaper, think paint, and even clothing to make texture that he covered in paints and flat media. The lady in the first video made a good point, to not limit the amount of media in a piece. I loved the way she created big shapes in the background that shadowed her thin lines are details on top. She was able to create depth and shadow by using different media. these are great influential pieces and I hope to use these techniques in my own project.

  2. Artie and Michelangelo: We both really liked the videos. It was fun to see the inspiration of the projects. We liked the second video because the process was really interesting. We liked how the woman did not plan her artwork. It developed naturally. We hope to use this idea in our current abstraction. The first video gave us a good understanding of what tools and tricks to use while working with abstract and multimedia design. The blog was helpful in suggesting what kinds of alternative background we could use. We will use this idea and incorporate new materials in our project.

    I like the use of mixed media in this painting. There are many different materials (pens, paint, pencil, etc) and the paper used was most likely not regular paper. This is what the material blog was saying that one should use different materials for background rather than plain paper. I also really like the different ideas in the painting.

    I like this because they used a page out of a dictionary to draw/paint the motorcycle. The page is also the one that has the definition of a motorcycle so it’s all trippy. I really like how they painted it on because in some parts the words show through and in other parts it looks more solid.

  3. Both videos were very interesting. I particularly liked the second one because it showed the process of creating art, rather than just telling me about it. The first video was more informative, though. I loved the examples of all the things you can do. I really want to try using pastel with water as though it were paint and mixing powdered pastel with binders. The second video, as I said, showed the process of creation. It was fascinating to see the patterns emerging! Although I didn’t really like the piece at first because the background colors seemed too loud, I thought the end product was really cool. The blog was great, too, partly for all the beautiful examples, and partly for the wonderful ideas.

    My favorite piece was I like the way the artist made a realistic picture out of circles. I also love the green of the eye, and it makes me wonder what medium that was created with.

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