AP ART – 3D Design – Due 11/26, 12/3, 12/10


Choose  any 2 artists, from the list below, each week, for the next 3 weeks. Research online, getting a clear idea of their style and imagery, and the art historical context. Due every Monday.

Louise Nevelson

Eva Hesse

Louise Bourgeois

Marina Abramovich

Judy Pfaff

Deborah Butterfield

Comment on the following:

How would you describe their style (visual and physical characteristics) and sculptural concerns (ideas about mass, space, form, media that cannot be done in paint)?

How do they compare and contrast with each other (you are choosing any 2 each week to comment on and compare/contrast)?

Briefly, what is the art historical context for each (other dominant art styles, ways they built on previous and led to later sculpture)?


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  1. Ok i choose David Smith and Louise Bourgeois. Both are sculptors and work more in the abstract world of art. Smith works more in the formal abstractions, making giant sculptures mimicking play structures. some take up more space than others and others are simply wire and pieces of metal. Bourgeois has this twisted look to her sculptures, some of her work reminds me of that video I posted here a while ago.Bourgeois used more emotion in her pieces, each one was helping her cope with her childhood drama. Her most notable work would be a giant spider she made. I like Bourgeois’s work more than Smith’s.
    Smith was heavily influenced by surrealism, Picasso, and Gonzalez. He influenced Sir Anthony Cairo, but probably many others along the way. Bourgeois is the founder of confessional art. the closest definition i could find stated that its art that tells the absolute truth.

    • I like the connection you make between Smith’s work and play structures. I hadn’t thought of that. I wonder if his work had any influence back then on the designers of play structures as they became more modernist. Yes, I remember that video you posted – it had very emotional aspects as her work does. I definitely see a feminist aspect to her work too which is part of her truth.

  2. and Banana’s post:

    Eva Hesse & Louise Nevelson

    1A) I would describe Hesse’s style as abstract, minimalistic but still complex in structure. She utilizes space beautifully, on such a variety of scales both empty and filled while utilizing both small and large objects of many medias, usually in sets. These objects show that she has a color palette of light neutrals that she prefers. The effect is subtle while still holding a grasping ability.

    1B) I would describe Nevelson’s style as realistic, complex and artistically cluttered but contained and geometric. He uses the density of grouped objects such as with his bookcases that have a heavy contrast to the white space surrounding their solid tone construction.

    2) Both Hesse and Nevelson use extremes to create opposite effects. Hesses uses empty space and lightness to create a subtle effect while Nevelson uses dense structure and darkness to create a drastic and intense effect. Similarly however, they both stick to a trend of having one color choice and using the blending of objects into one another, Hesse in a more organic fashion and Nevelson in a far more forced one.

    3A) Hesse’s first three dimentional piece was a costume, and i think that reflects in her use of textiles and more organic materials. She purposely utilized materials that deteriorated and were of little values as a way to express a painful and difficult life. She was a huge leader in the move from minimalism to post minimalism which is represented in her art.

    3B) Nevelson also utilized hardship to discover her art. Her first major collection of pieces started with firewood she had to collect herself. Found objects were a main focus of hers until she got bad reviews when she switched over to figurative abstracts that utilized cubism that showed she was very much so a modernist. The main themes she explored and communicated were the past, present, and future and their unique qualities.

  3. All right this week i’m looking into the art lives of Eva Hesse and Deborah Butterfield. Eva Hesse’s style is very abstract and simplistic. i also broswed her drawings, they were more geometric but still abstract. there is no black in her scultures, they are bright, useally a drowned out yellow.
    Deborah Butterfield has a lot of metal sculptures of horses. it’s intersting how she makes the metal bend, like its super pliable. actually i’m wrong, it seems like she uses branches too. Or whatever objects are around. Thats kinda cool. Some of them have colour and useally they are rather large, like the size of actual horses. Thats a really good use of space, this also seems like something Kennedy would do.
    These two don’t really have much in common, besides the fact that they’re both sculptors. But Butterfield makes life size horses out of various materials (and its all she does it seems) and Hesse also used differant materials but made very abstract sculptures. so they aren’t very similar. I like Butterfield’s art a little more than Hesse’s.
    Hesse’s inspiration was her hard life, somewhat reminiscent of Louise Bourgeois and how she used her pain from childhood to express into art. She used materials that did not age well and only her fiber glass peices are in good shape. but she did this on purpose. She was apprently an influence to feminist art and in art terms worked in a minilmist style. Butterfield was funny, she was born on the day of an important horse race and said that thats probably why she makes only horses. I’m not finding other art besides the horses.

  4. Ok this week I’m reviewing Marina Abramovic and Judy Ptaff. All right first off, I do not know really how to describe Abramovic’s style, since it’s kind of filmy with a dash or dramatic. But it’s really all over the place. She seems to use herself and another man or just other people a lot in her work. Ptaff on the other hand is more of an abstract painter artist thing. She uses 3D objects, maybe wire, and lots of colour. I really enjoy the use of colour; it makes things a lot more pleasant to look at. Some of her pieces take up a lot of space and it really works, like this one http://2.bp.blogspot.com/-TM95MY33BdU/TeblCe-JdAI/AAAAAAAABDk/zdQZc9RQKsc/s1600/pfaff-005.jpg
    To compare, both these artists could be classified as abstractionists. But after that they don’t really have anything in common, besides being random. I enjoy Ptaff’s work a lot more than Abramovic.
    Ok so Ptaff put more paving stones to the installation art (as well as become one of the first women to do so) and Abramovic added more art to the conceptual movement (since she is classified as a performance artist,

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