Art 2 – Retold Fairy Tale Engravings – Due Nov 6


Look at the following site and read the two articles and look at the pictures (on menu bar at left of first article)

Investigate some of the links you find interesting.

Tenniel illustrator, engraver

Picture origins

Watch the following video:

Note some of the selections in the article about the genre of retold tales.

Retold Fairy Tales – genre

Comment thoughtfully and respond to items  you find interesting in each of the selections above.

Cite your favorite Alice illustration and explain why.

Cite your favorite Dore illustration and explain why.

What aspects from each will you try to incorporate into your work?


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  1. I think the idea of retelling old fairy tales is 1. interesting but 2. kind of…not destructive but maybe not a great thing. It’s like watching the movie of a book series or vice versa; it’s never as good as it is in it’s original media. But incorporating the woodcut style sort of balances that, with the whole like, modern vs. antique.

    I actually really liked the Alice in Wonderland woodcut pictures. It wasn’t overly detailed nor was it so plain that it was boring and the balance of black and white was also really nice.

  2. My favorites of the Alice pictures was the Gryphon. I don’t really know why, but it caught my eye, and I kept going back to it.
    I liked the Dore piece of the girl with the wolf, because it was so detailed
    I think alternative fairy tales are very interesting, but only if you’ve read the actual one first.

  3. In the first article, I found it interesting to learn about the amount of work put into creating the Alice illustrations. In the second article, it was interesting to learn about the hidden meanings and political statements incorporated into Tenniel’s drawings for the Alice books. I looked online at some more of Tenniel’s illustrations and one of my favorites was the picture of the walrus and the carpenter because I enjoyed its humor I also liked the picture of the chess board because of its sense of perspective One of my favorite Dore illustrations was the one of the prince running up to the sleeping girl with the slanted beams of sunlight illuminating the bed. I like this illustration because of the contrast between light and shadow. I hope to incorporate some of the perspective and depth that Tenniel and Dore captured in their illustrations of the chessboard and the sleeping girl.

  4. I thought that it was interesting how Tenniel refused to have a real model for his illustrations of Alice in Wonderland. My favorite drawing of Alice in Wonderland that he did was the one called “Animals from the pool of tears” with a bunch of animals surrounding Alice, who is sitting. My favorite Dore drawing was the one that I think was supposed to be Sleeping Beauty, but I am not quite sure. It has a girl sleeping in a bed with vines and plants growing all around her. I don’t think that retelling stories is always a good thing. The changes always seem to be the same thing, for example “The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig” and “Cinderella” from the point of view of the evil stepsisters, who are actually not evil, just misunderstood in Cinderella’s version.

  5. Looking at Tenniel’s art, it was difficult for me to choose which of his Alice in Wonderland drawings I liked the best. I remember that when reading the book with my Grandma (the original version with all of Tenniel’s illustrations), I was especially amused and intrigued by the picture of Alice and the giant mouse in the pool of tears: I like this picture partly because of its peculiarity and partly because I think Tenniel did a wonderful job in portraying both Alice and the mouse and the fact that they were partially underwater, though it must have been challenging due to the constrictions of just being able to use black pen. (I’m still figuring out how to draw water realistically.) I hope to be able to incorporate his water technique into my own art, since a major part of my drawing is the ocean.
    A Dore illustration that I liked is the one of the man walking in the forest (at 1:38 in the video). I liked the way the shading was done and the way some parts of the picture seemed illuminated, like the trees in the distance, showing sunlight. I hope to be able to incorporate some of Dore’s style of shading and balancing out light and dark into my art.

  6. I really enjoyed the subtleties brought out in the Alice in Wonderland illustrations. In particular, i really liked the images of the Queen of Hearts: as well as the image of Alice with a crown: . However, I am partial to the animated disney film and the images drawn from that. I really love the whimsical feeling of escape that they capture, I really love the detail work in the illustrations, but I love how fantastical the movie is.
    In reference to the Dore illustrations, I really love his detail work as well. Everything looks very realistic and medieval, yet at the same time very timeless. In my work I want to incorporate the subtle details of both illustrators. I really think that subtlety is sort of the key when you’re revamping a fairy tale.

  7. I likes the Mad Hatter! I find the mix between kind of cartoon like and realism to be very intriguing. Gryphon was my favorite Alice picture. In woodcut, the style can be varied depending if you want a lot of shading/detail or if you just want a simple sketch. I liked looking at the fairytale woodcut images because in class, we only got to see kind of old, religious figures. It was good to see another example. I included techniques from the Queen of Hearts while working on my piece last night. To be honest, at first when we got the assignment, I wasn’t thrilled but after spending time doing thumbnails and sketching my scene on the paper, I’m drawn to the technique a little more.

  8. I really like John Tenials drawing of the rabbit blowing the horn.. I love the way he used hatching for the background and then he crosshatched the hatching only where the rabit’s shadow was. I also like the way the ruffles are on his neck thingi.. In general I think his style reminds me of my childhood and it is very warm in a way. In Dores drawings I like the one of the trees with the little castle in the distance. The amazing amount of detail is just crazy. His individual lines are a lot less visible then Teniels’. I honestly liked Tenials more…

  9. In the first article Tenniel illustrator, engraver, I thought it is interesting that Mr. TennielIn does not want a model so that his pictures are somewhat big heads with small bodies. And the second article,Picture origins, it attracts me by the picture of The Duchess. It perfectly describes the ugliest
    woman in the world.,r:3,s:0,i:97
    This alice illustration makes me remember my childhood when I am curious to every thing. And of course it perfectly paint the story of Alice. The lines are not super complex but give people an
    easily understand image.
    The second picture of the web. Not only the skill of painting vibrates me, but also the theme and
    the imagination of the picture which tons of angles accumulates to the shining point. It is wonderful.

    After reading all these articles and looking over all pictures, I found it is useful that to combine both
    theme and lines of the things I am drawing. It will make my pictures more interesting.

    • Great observations about how both the details of the work create fascination as well as the composition with all the angles leading into the focal point. The style of large heads on small bodies also creates a humorous mood since that is a characteristic way of creating a caricature.

  10. I really loved the mad hatter’s Alice picture. The details within the size of his face and his nose down and his hat. I love the idea of retelling faerie tales. I think that it only adds to them and takes little away. I don’t like the Disney retellings, though, they take away in my opinion, but the ones by people such as C.S. Lewis and Alex Flinn don’t sugarcoat things very much, they just add extra plot twists and I think that that is really good! I really liked this Dore one because of the expressions that Red had and the detailing on the hair and the wolf.

  11. I really like and join in the Alice in Wonderland illustrations. The most one that i interested is ” Father William standing on his head”
    I like how he draw the line on his face. It show that his blood turn down or its show how his feeling.
    And i like the way he draw the face of them. The background and the tone of light that he draw their shadow. And also like the eyes of a man who stand nearing which he look down to Father William.

  12. i liked the alice in wonderland a lot. i like how some pictures can look really realistic and others cartoons. i like how they can make things look so realistic by shading light and dark. i like the crosshatching a lot too. most of the images in the video remind me of my childhood because they are all fairytales.

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